Literary Devices

This page corresponds to my series “Deus Ex Machina“.

Deus Ex Machina basically means ‘god’, and this literary device is extremely controversial in the world of anime, because often a time, characters mysteriously power up out of nowhere, and attain the strength and power to defeat the enemy. And that is why I chose this as the title of my series ^^

Through this, I hope to highlight and share literary devices found in anime, as well as familiarise myself with the various different types, as a form of preparation in my upcoming English Literature course.

Literary devices are a very cool thing, and more people deserve to understand the art of language, even though they are just subtitles of an anime :3

{DxM ∅}: Literary Devices In Anime

{DxM I}: Position & Status
{DxM II}: Light VS Dark
{DxM III}: Bird In A Cage
{DxM IV}: Strong & Beautiful
{DxM V}: Tarzan
{DxM VI}: A Merry Cold Christmas
{DxM VII}: Supernatural Extraordinary Occurrence
{DxM VIII}: Midas Touch
{DxM IX}: Duel to Death in Dry Desert Dunes
{DxM X}: Miss Life & Madam Death
{DxM XI}: Work For Your Dreams


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