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A Century to Build Up Trust / A Day to Lose All Integrity

One Piece Episode 659 & 660

In the 21st century, it is rare to see a good government. But it is even more rare to see a government directly helping its citizens, instead of just sending a lump of money to cover up costs. Even though a country tend to face multiple problems, it is heartening when the government actually prioritises the welfare of its people before everything else, by mobilising its troops to aid families in the occurrence of a disaster.

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But in times of trouble, when the government faces a threat and is forced to make an undesirable decision, it becomes a test to measure the amount of trust the citizens place in their government. That is because for many centuries, the government have maintained a good reputation for themselves, which allow the citizens to comply to whatever unreasonable request the government has.

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However, there is a limit, and once this limit has been crossed, everything will change. In this case, Doflamingo used his ability to control the king and the fellow soldiers, and created a mass killing of the citizens. Unbeknownst to the citizens, they thought that the king was betraying them and wanted all the money they previously gathered for himself only.

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Although this action was very extreme, just this one action, in one night, resulted in a total change in attitude towards the king.

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The rulers have been very nice and has expressed much care and concern towards the citizens for many centuries. However, in one night, this perfect image has been utterly destroyed into ruins.

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In life, this is a similar concept to everything that we do. Most of the time, we honour our promises and keep to our deadlines. Countries also try to hold up a good reputation for themselves. In the case of Singapore, we have always been a multiracial society. But if we go back on our promise for just one time, people lose faith in us and they begin to be wary of us. Just one incident on racial disharmony in Singapore, can result in other countries jumping the gun and labelling Singapore no longer a country with racial harmony. People tend to take the norm for granted, but become unforgiving when something different happens. We should not always pick the bones in the fish, but rather, enjoy it for the delicious flesh and take note of the unwanted bones. Judge people for all the things they have done, and not pinpoint on a particular incident.

It is so arduous to do 99 good things, but so simple to screw up just 1 time. It is so difficult to maintain a perfect image for 99 years, but so easy to lose that good reputation in just 1 year. Hopefully, people can learn to not criticise harshly based on that 1 mistake, and look upon people based on both the virtuous deeds that they have done and the sins they have committed.

For a fair judgement is always the best judgement.


Author’s Note:

I understand that I have not posted for the past few days. Sorry >< I had been busy dealing with an issue about myself, and was not in the best mood to write content. This post will be a build-up to something that I am very very passionate about and will be mentioning in a few days time. Hope you enjoyed this post! :3