We’re Better Together / We Complement One Another

Everyone has their talents. But we also have certain aspects that we tend to be weaker in, or areas that we are unable to perform well in. Through different activities, we would learn about these weaknesses, and realise that we are unable to accomplish various things.

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“I really am such a klutz…” ;_;

However, we have to understand that no one is perfect. It would be good if one can improve their flaws, but even if it does not work out, it is not the end of the world!

You may not have the experience or talent in a particular area. But especially in a group effort, what you lack may be what others possess. and what they lack might be what you own! In resource management, there is this term called ‘pooling resources‘, which is the grouping together of the resources owned by each individual, for the purpose of maximising advantages and overall benefits. Similarly, in a team, everyone can contribute efforts in what they are good in, to enhance the overall performance of the team. For example, in volleyball, there is specialisation of skills, whereby individuals are appointed roles in the team according to what they are strong at, be it receiving or spiking.

All in all, everyone helps one another in what they are not as good in.

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With teamwork, one would be able to accomplish tasks that would originally seem impossible to complete alone. Working together as a team provides a higher chance of success due to the accumulation of talents and skills from each member in the team, as compared to the limited number of strengths one person alone will have.

Most importantly, everyone will be happy in the end!

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Sometimes, you may not be able to break down the door to success with sheer perseverance. In that case, teamwork could possibly be the key to unlock it.

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Helen Keller once said this:

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!


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{ASM 0km} Scary Squabbles

Log Horizon Episode 23
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There are times where we are stressed out and may easily flare up at trivial things. Accidents are, after all, an inevitable part of life. This is a fact that cannot be changed. But what can be changed, is our attitude towards accidents themselves. Thus, we need to understand that getting angry or blaming others will not solve anything. Instead, we should always calm down and focus on completing the task together.

Six Players, Not One Only

Haikyuu!! Episode 22

It’s true the perseverance may be the key to success, but volleyball is not an individualistic sport. It is a sport that requires 6 people on the field, with reserves ready to switch in anytime. It is a sport that requires team motivation as everyone’s morale will affect one another. It is a sport that requires teamwork with different positions working together, for e.g. the libero receiving the ball and the setter passing the ball to the striker.

We can train extremely hard to be the best at something, but we can’t be the best at everything. So that’s what teammates are for, to specialise in their own way and complement one another, to build the best team. And that’s why in certain situations, individual perseverance will not attain success, but rather, teamwork.

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