True Victory

Haikyuu!! Episode 24

‘Losing’ does not make you a ‘lousy’ person. It is the attitude towards a loss, that determines whether you are a lousy person.

If you fall down and stay lying on the cold hard ground, you are a loser.

But if you fall down and get back up, even when you are covered in cuts and injuries, even when you know you may fall on to the rocky ground again, even when you don’t think you have the strength to carry on, you are a victor.

Standing up after falling down is much more difficult than just sitting on the throne.

A true victor is not the one who wins the game, but the one who wins the game of life.



Failure + Hard Work = Success

Haikyuu!! Episode 23

Failure may be the key to success, but hard work is the hand that holds the key and unlocks the door.

Without failure, you may still be able to break open the door. But without hard work, you can only stand there helplessly.

Tadashi Yamaguchi trained hard to learn how to do a jump float serve before the competition, but this was his first time doing it in the actual competition itself. Not only is there immense pressure from the tense atmosphere, but also from the heaviness of this one point. If Yamaguchi fails, Seijoh, the opposing team will reach 20 points and there will be a huge 3-point difference between both teams, which is undesirable.

Due to the inexperience and stress, Yamaguchi failed.

However, this failed attempt will serve as a reminder to him, a motivation that will drive him to strive harder in order to prevent a similar failure from occuring again.

Likewise, if you have recently met failure face-to-face, for example, scoring badly for a graded test or failing to uphold a certain role or responsibility, let it resonate in your heart deep and loud, to remind you not to let such a thing happen again. But if you don’t persevere, then you just have to face the music.

Hopefully, we will be able to see Yamaguchi do such an awesome jump float serve in Season 2, that will even make the nonchalent Tsukishima drop his jaw 🙂