Pray For QZ8501

This morning, an AirAsia passenger jet, QZ8501, lost contact with Indonesia air traffic control.

Out of the 162 passengers on board:

  • 155 Indonesian
  • 3 South Korean
  • 1 British
  • 1 French
  • 1 Malaysian
  • 1 Singaporean

This is the second incident of missing airplanes since MH370, and both took place in Southeast Asia. Search and rescue operations have been dispatched but due to poor weather conditions, they have been halted until tomorrow morning. Many family members have gathered at the airports and are anxiously awaiting for news reports and updates from the officials.

We may not be able to do anything to help with the situation. All we can do is pray for the safety of the passengers on board, pray for them to return home and celebrate the New Year with their loved one, pray for them to be given the chance to continue living…

amagi 54

Light VS Dark

{DxM II}

Hope shines bright. However, when hope is enveloped by despair, it will not be able to radiate its brilliance. Similarly, the sun is the most significant source of light in the world. But when shrouded by rain clouds, incoming solar radiation will not be able to reach the surface of the Earth.

Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 5

Nonetheless, no matter how tenebrous the future seems, no matter how hopeless the situation looks, we should not despair. Instead, we should always remain optimistic and forge ahead.

In To Kill A Mockingbird, Atticus Finch once said,

Courage is when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 4


In the day, there is the sun.

In the night, there are the stars.

We are constantly being showered with hope from the skies above.

Grey clouds may clot the sky temporarily,

But the sun and stars will always be there for us.

Every single day…


For the above two scenes, the literary device used is imagery, one of the strongest and most common device found in literature. Here, words and phrases, such as ‘rain clouds’, ‘dark road’, ‘stars’, are used to create mental images for the reader, helping the reader to visualise and gain a clearer understanding of what the author is trying to say.

Other Examples: The gushing brook stole its way down the lush green mountains, dotted with tiny flowers in a riot of colors and trees coming alive with gaily chirping birds.


Leave No Stone Unturned

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 11

When the enemy is overpowered, we, as the weaker side, tend to think that there is no way to defeat them, no method to defend ourselves.


This results in a sense of helplessness, a sense of resignation, that there is no hope left.


And when we despair, that is when we give up on ourselves, and that is also when we unconsciously block every single way out, that was originally open for us.