“Death Reverse” – Human Nature

Death Parade EP2: Altruism and Fear

So I guess I was correct in my predictions, and Decim made a wrong judgement. “To err is human”, but of course in this case, the reason why Decim erred was because he wasn’t human. Humans are altruistic creatures by nature, and non-human beings seem to have a difficult time comprehending this. Altruism has also been consistently reflected in Parasyte as well.

kiseijuu 20 kiseijuu 21

“To err is human”, but I believe “To step forward despite fear is also human”. A majority of animals experience fear, but it is humans that can control their actions when faced with fear. We have the intelligence to evaluate the best course of action to take in order to deal with that fear.

What do you think is the strongest motivation for all humans?

(A) Love
(B) Food
(C) Money

In my opinion, it is (D): The Fear of Dying. It is because we have such a limited period of time to accomplish all the change we want to effect in the world, that we feel compelled to value time and seize opportunities whenever they appear. Due to this ticking time bomb, we treasure our family and friends because we never know when we will no longer see them.

Every one wants to live; No one wants to die.
All will do all it takes to not bid the final goodbye.

death parade 11 death parade 12

Overall, it was a really good decision to start the anime with such a bang. Despite being a behind-the-scenes and recap of last week’s episode, it was a relatively insightful episode with many different pointers to take home.

Evaluation on Episodes 3 and 4 are coming in soon!  Thankew for reading! ^^

Messing Up A Performance

Just an interesting fact about me: I actually have a fervent passion towards acting and because of that, I actually took up English Drama (Theatre Arts) as my Co-Curricular Activity for the next two years ^^ I don’t have much experience with acting in front of a huge crowd; I have only done a Romeo and Juliet role-play and a Macbeth role-play, both just to my classmates.

clannad 13 clannad 14

I know many people are fearful of performing in front of masses. And that fear would also lead to break-downs or mind-blanks some times. One of the reasons is because we are too conscious about what others think of us. Some of us are too afraid of screwing up; some are too afraid of the consequences that come after it. Some are simply worried that the audience will not enjoy their performance.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie In April) kimiuso 17 kimiuso 18 kimiuso 19

Sometimes, we mess up in performances… It is something totally undesirable and we would feel indignant after putting in so much effort. People would then come and console us, by saying, “It’s okay.” No offence, but I don’t entirely support the use of these words. In my opinion, screwing-up is NOT okay. It is something that you have done incorrectly and should be admitted outright.

hanayamata 49

All I am saying is that if we slip and fall, we should strive to stand back up on our feet by giving our best for the rest of the performance. As punishment for messing up, we need to work harder for the rest of the performance in order to rectify it.

In life, we can never predict what will happen next. As a result, what determines our future is not what event that happens, but how we deal with the events. When life gives you lemons, you can either look at it, in which nothing will happen, or squeeze it, which will make a refreshing lemonade to drink.

If you’re simply crying over spilt lemonade and constantly dwelling on past errors,

No pun intended ;)

No pun intended 😉

But really, what has happened has happened, and we have no ability to change history. Don’t let past traumas dampen your current spirit! History is indeed important, so let it be a lesson learnt, and instead, do your best to write better stories in the present and future! Remember your mistakes and how you felt, so that you will never want to feel the same way again.

We have the power to mould the future, by deciding on our current course of action. Utilise the time moping around, to reflect on why the mistakes happened and work on it for subsequent performances. This will definitely ensure a smaller chance of screwing-up!

tl;dr Be afraid of messing up, but at the same time, work hard in order to curb that fear. And always pick yourself back up after you mess up, because nothing’s going to be accomplished by lying in the mess you created.

Thank you very much for being a wonderful audience!

*lights out, curtains fall*

Hardest Obstacle in the World


Let me ask you.

What is the hardest obstacle in the world?


In life, we face countless difficulties.

Friends. To make friends, we need to be outgoing and friendly. If you are shy to speak up and talk to people, where does the problem lie when you have no friends?

Academics. To score well for tests and examinations, we need to study hard. If you don’t prepare early and put in effort, where does the problem lie when you obtain poor results?

Health. To stay healthy, we need to consistently have a balanced diet and plenty of sleep. If you take your health for granted, where does the problem lie when you are plagued with illnesses?

Let me ask you again.

What is the hardest obstacle in the world?


Imagine you’re in an army being sent to war. Sure, fighting the enemy requires skills, weapons, strength. But is that the most difficult part?

My favourite scene in Shingeki no Kyojin is not a battle fight. Neither is it a devastating death.

It is the scene when the decision to join the Survey Corps was made.

Are you willing to offer your beating hearts for mankind?

This is the clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApU72YmOcY8

All of them understand exactly what they would have to do if they were to join the Survey Corps. They have experienced fighting titans first-hand and acknowledges the high risk of losing their lives. They know that it would be much safer to join the Military Police or the Garrison.

Despite this, they stayed.

Despite this, they are still willing to put their lives on the line.

shingeki no kyojin 1

I may not have watched every anime there is, but I believe that this scene is the perfect example of true bravery. It is not being a badass and recklessly charging into the enemy soldiers. It is the acknowledgment of one’s fear of death, but going ahead with it anyways.

So let me ask you one last time.

What is the hardest obstacle in the world?