Espers Are Humans

Tokyo ESP Episode 12

Espers commit the same sins as humans, think the same thoughts as humans, breathe the same air as humans. What difference does it make if you’re a human or an esper?
Even if you kill every human in the world, even if you turn every human into an esper, even if you try to change the world, nothing will change. Because espers are humans, and humans are espers. Espers will similarly backstab you, similarly betray you, similarly desire for absolute power.

Overcoming Limits IV

I used to think, “Why do we try so hard in life? Why do people put in so much effort, just to get nothing? Why do we even strive so persistently even when we are going to die one day?”

And then I realised, it’s because once we stop trying, once we give up everything, it would be over.

Some people are unable to cope with the rising costs of living. Even though money is not everything, they consistently work day-to-day, in order to feed their family, and possibly to give their children better lives. If they were to stop, everything will be no more.

Nothing will ever happen if you just sit there and do nothing. But if you continue to work hard, things may change for the better.
Find your own motivation and let it empower you; fuel you all the way~

If You Are LGBT, Would You Want To Be Treated Like How An LGBT Is Treated?

Tokyo ESP Episode 8

Society’s Mindset
Human = Good
Esper = Bad

tokyo esp 16 tokyo esp 17 tokyo esp 18


I know it may be a little far-fetched, but in my opinion, the portrayal of the society’s mindset towards espers is similar to the portrayal of our real-life society’s mindset towards the LGBT community.


Being Gay will lead to loss of trust in society.

tokyo esp 12

Being Gay is not the correct behaviour of a child.

tokyo esp 13

Being Gay will destroy your future.

tokyo esp 14


However, everyone does not realise that…

Being Gay isn’t a choice.

tokyo esp 15

It’s not like people want to be gay; they are just born that way, with a preference towards the same gender. Just like the espers, they became what they are naturally as the fishes passed through their bodies.


Imagine if you are the one that the fish passed through, and thus, became an esper, would you want to be subjected to the same hate that espers face by the society?

Imagine if you are gay, would you want to experience the prejudice and discrimination the LGBT community has to go through?

Imagine if you are different from the rest, would you want to receive inferior treatment just became you are deemed as having an ‘incorrect’ behaviour?