{AHS Lesson 5} How To Save A Life

Good morning class, I will get straight to the point. Yesterday, one of the participants of the Anime Screencap Marathon experienced a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and was hospitalised. Thankfully, he is now out of the woods and would be able to be discharged by next week.

Thus, in today’s lesson, I will be going through some heart-related problems and emergency treatments. You never know when these skills will save a life, so pay full attention. I will not tolerate any jokes this lesson.


  1. Cardiac Arrest
    It is a sudden stop in effective blood circulation due to failure of the heart to contract. This prevents the delivery of oxygen and glucose to the rest of the body, which leads to the loss of consciousness and may result in death within minutes. If someone is having a cardiac arrest, call the ambulance and use the AED immediately.
  2. Heart Attack
    Often confused with cardiac arrest, a heart attack occurs when blood flow to the heart is blocked. If someone is experiencing a heart attack, call the ambulance immediately.
  3. Arrhythmia
    It refers to a problem with the rate or rhythm of the heartbeat. Some cases are harmless, while some are fatal.

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de
inou battle 10


Unconsciousness (DR. ABC)

  1. Check for DANGER (e.g. middle of road)
    • If danger is present, shift victim to a safe area
  2. Check for RESPONSE
    • “Sir/Madam, can you hear me?”
    • If no response, call the ambulance immediately, or order a bystander to do it.
  3. Check the AIRWAY
    • Place one hand on victim’s forehead
    • Tilt victim’s head backwards
    • Pick out any obstructions in mouth using pinky/toothpick/etc
  4. Check the BREATHING
    • Observe motion of victim’s chest (rising/sinking)
    • Feel victim’s breath on cheek
    • Listen for sounds of breathing
  5. Check for CIRCULATION
    • Feel victim’s pulse at wrist

cpr 1

If no breathing/circulation, commence CPR on victim.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Ratio: 30 chest compressions to 2 rescue breaths

  1. Slide fingertips along lowermost rib until it reaches the sternum.
  2. Place heel of one hand on the sternum and place the other hand on top.
  3. Interlock fingers.
  4. Lean over victim to increase pressure from your body weight.
  5. Lock your elbows straight.
  6. Press down vertically 30 times.
  7. Pinch victim’s nose.
  8. Open victim’s mouth.
  9. Inhale air from surroundings.
  10. Place mouth on victim’s mouth.
  11. Exhale air inside mouth.
  12. Repeat steps 9-11.

cpr 2

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

If an AED is not readily available, perform CPR until AED arrives.

Always listen clearly to the instructions of the AED.

  1. Move victim to a dry area first.
  2. Turn on AED.
  3. Expose victim’s chest.
  4. Remove any metal objects around chest to prevent burns.
  5. If chest is wet, dry it.
  6. If there is a lot of chest hair, use the razor in the AED kit to trim it quickly.
  7. Attach sticky pads to chest.
    • One pad on the right of chest above nipple
    • One pad on the left ribcage below nipple
  8. Once ready, press ‘Analyze’ button.
  9. Tell everyone to STAND CLEAR, including yourself.
  10. If AED advises for shock, press ‘Shock’ button.
  11. Tell everyone to STAND CLEAR, including yourself.
  12. Listen to AED’s further instructions.
  13. Start or resume CPR until the ambulance arrives.
  14. Report all information and procedures to the paramedics.

Terra Formars
terra formars 22 terra formars 23 terra formars 24


In the event that a passer-by experiences a cardiac arrest, do not rush and let people who are certified first-aiders treat the victim. If you happen to be one, do not be afraid of stepping up. If everyone has the mindset that someone else is more capable than me at doing it, the person is going to DIE. You might not know the person, but his/her life is in your hands.

Every year thousands of people die of sudden cardiac arrest. Many of these deaths could be prevented with immediate and appropriate care. You never know when something will happen, so learn and understand these life-saving skills before you need them one day.

These are all what I have remembered from First Aid Courses. I am not a professional, so it is best to look up websites to learn about proper techniques and step-by-step methodology.

That’s it, class. Sorry for such a serious post but this is very important after all. Anyways, you all are dismissed. Thank you.


{AHS Lesson 2} Curving Balls ~O

Good Morning, students! ^^

Students: *busy chatting away*

My dear students~ Ohayou gozaimasu~

Students: *STILL busy chatting away*



I’m glad that all of you treasure your lives. Now, if you don’t want to die running 100 rounds later, hurry up and get ready for PE (Physical Exercise) Lesson >:D


Me: “So, can anyone guess why we are at the field today?”

Student (Esther): “To die running 100 rounds.”

Me: “No, it’s okay… let’s not do that today…” (-_-;)

Today, we are going to play a worldwide well-known sport, called soccer.

football 5

Student (Frank): “To be frank, it’s football, not soccer.”

Basically, in the past, there were two different sports: ‘Rugby Football’ and ‘Association Football’. To differentiate both, Brits shortened the former to ‘Rugby’, and the latter to ‘Soccer’. Gradually, the term ‘soccer’ increased in popularity and usage in the United States. Then, because it became too American-oriented, Brits decided to stop using the term and went back to using ‘football’. Thus, this resulted in an identity crisis of this sport today. ((Correct me if I am wrong ><))

 football 1  football 2


Soccer Football


Football Rugby

Anyways, in my opinion, I believe that you can call the sport whatever you want, as long as you get the message across. Some examples include: ‘Panda ball’, ‘Zebra ball’, ‘multi-racial ball’, ‘tragic ball that always gets kicked around and bullied’, etc. Whatever floats your boat :3


In the midst of the game, due to several accidental fouls, a penalty kick was awarded.

football 4football 3

Students: “Sugoi! How did you do that!”

Student (Gwyneth): “Hahaha I have no clue!” xD

Nice one, Gwyneth 🙂 This was called a curveball. In 1997, there was a similar free-kick by Brazilian football legend, Roberto Carlos, that left the entire audience dumbfounded. At that time, NO ONE HAS EVER DONE THAT IN THE HISTORY OF football. ((Comment below if you got that reference)) Anyways, refer to this website for more information about that kick which stunned the entire world.

terra formars 11

Of course, Gwyneth is not a magician. Or at least I hope not. The Physics behind this queer phenomenon is called the Magnus Effect.

terra formars 12

In short, the kick uses the inside of the foot to apply a spin on the ball, which generates a spinning air flow on the surface of the ball.

football 7football 6

With incoming air flow, there will be one side whereby both air flow are in the same direction, thus the incoming air flow is accelerated and follows the air flow of the ball. But for the other side, both air flow are in the opposite direction, thus the incoming air flow is slowed and cannot continue to travel with the air flow of the ball.

football 8

Therefore, this creates a net force of the air flow to the right. Following Newton’s 3rd Law, the ball moves to the left. Also, as there will be a build-up of air on the right side, this region of higher pressure imparts a force on the ball, pushing it to the left.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

football 9

As a result, although the ball was originally travelling to the right, due to Magnus Effect, it changes its trajectory halfway and begins to shift to the left.

This phenomenon has become one of the most crucial skills in football today, often being the determining factor between winning and losing.

Credits of pictures go to this video. For a clearer explanation, you can check out other websites and videos on the Magnus Effect.


In life, we frequently experience the Magnus Effect as well. Often, we face obstacles, temptations, likes and dislikes, that cause us to have a change in our life goals. Sometimes, it may help us to score a goal, but other times, it made us miss a shot.

As Friar Lawrence from the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ once said,

Virtue itself turns vice, being misapplied,
And vice sometimes by action dignified.

Think carefully before making any decisions. Another quote from Friar Lawrence: “Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast.” We are the player, and the ball is our fate. We can choose whether to impart a spin on the ball or not. We must understand when is the right time to do the right action, if not, it will only lead to failure. But remember, after you apply Magnus Effect, your fate will deviate from its original course, on to a new trajectory. From then onwards, you cannot rewind the effect and the only way is to move on with your new future.

Student (Huai Zhe): “You just took a boat on the surface of the water and made it so deep.”

Me: “Well… Whatever floats your boat~ Thank you, class!” :3

Students: *busy chatting away*


{AHS Lesson 1} Who’s That Pokemon?

Good morning, my students! Welcome to your first day at Anime High School 🙂

So, if you are an avid Pokémon fan, you would have found out that Pokémon magazines in Japan just released information on a new Pokémon, which will have its first appearance in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire! This special Pokémon is… *drumrolls please* EUMETA JAPONICA!

japan bagworm moth 1

Eumeta Japonica, aka the Japanese Bagworm Moth, is classified under the same family as butterflies and moths.

terra formars 3

However, the distinctive feature of the bagworm, is that the larva encapsulates itself in a small ‘bag’, made out of surrounding materials.

japan bagworm moth 2

For example, if the larva hatches in a forest environment, it will gather leaves and twigs to form its case; similarly in a beach, it will gather sand. Does this remind you of any actual Pokémon? 😉

japan bagworm moth 7

Student (Amanda): “I know! Is it Caterpie?!”

Me: “Well good try Amanda… but I’m afraid it wasn’t good enough. Yes, Brenda?”

Student (Brenda): “It’s Burmy!”

Me: “You got it correct! That’s un-burmy-vable!” *laughs at my own joke*

Lame puns aside, Burmy is one of the few Pokémon under the Bagworm family, alongside with its evolutions: Wormadam and Mothim. It is a Bug type Pokémon and has three different forms: Plant Cloak (green) when last battled in tall grass; Sandy Cloak (yellow) when last battled in a cave or at a beach; Trash Cloak (pink) when last battled in a building. The cloak protects the bagworm from the cold, and also acts as a camouflage to avoid predation.

japan bagworm moth 3

At level 20, the female Burmy will evolve into a Wormadam. Depending on what cloak Burmy was last wearing before evolution, it will evolve into a Wormadam with the same type of cloak. Similar to Burmy, Wormadam has the same three different forms, but each form vary in their elemental types. In its Plant Cloak, it is Bug/Grass; in its Sandy Cloak, it is Bug/Ground; in its Trash Cloak, it is Bug/Steel.

At level 20, the male Burmy will evolve into a Mothim. Unlike Wormadam, it only has one form, but possess large wings.

japan bagworm moth 4japan bagworm moth 5

Me: “Okay, that’s pretty much it. Does anyone have any questions?”

Student (Christie): “Why are there such stark differences between the two gender?”

In many species of bagworm moths, the adult female lack wings and simply look like a more developed form of the larva. On the other hand, the adult males of most species are strong fliers with well-developed wings and feathery antennae. However, adult males are only able to survive long enough to reproduce, due to undeveloped mouthparts, which result in an inability to eat food.

Student (Denzel): “Then for the case, what is used to hold the materials together?”

To construct the case, silk is spewed by the bagworms and is used to secure the materials together. Therefore, the silk has to be really strong to hold up the entire ‘bag’ and prevent it from falling off if on an elevated area. Although not much research can be found on the Internet, the anime Terra Formars suggests that the silk spewed by bagworms are much tougher than that by spiders, which is quite remarkable.

terra formars 16 terra formars 17


Oh, there goes the dismissal bell. So, that is all for today’s lesson, hope that you will treasure your Wormadam and Mothim more, instead of LEAVING THEM IN YOUR STORAGE SYSTEM TO ROT 😡 Thank you class for being so attentive today! 🙂

Do Anime Even Impart Knowledge?

For non-otakus, it is typically thought that anime are merely fantasy-oriented shows that do not have much relevance to reality. For anime viewers, we also tend to get too absorbed into the plot, and miss out on the educational aspect of anime.

Anime has definitely imparted moral values to me. But has it taught me anything else, other than just life lessons?


  • [One Piece] Clima-Tact (Mirage Tempo): Nami uses the “Cool Ball” in a dry and hot environment to change the air density and create a mirage of herself. The extreme difference in temperature causes major light refraction, allowing Nami to disappear and create an illusionary copy of herself. To be totally honest, this was one of my favourite fights in One Piece, entirely because physics was used to defeat a much stronger enemy, and intelligence triumphed strength in the end. one piece 34
  • [Terra Formars] The DNA of various animals, mainly insects, have been incorporated into humans, giving them the abilities of the organism itself. For example, Marcos gained the powers of the Huntsman Spider, attaining great strength, ferocity and incredible speed. Likewise, many animals and their characteristics have been portrayed and described in the manga. terra formars 2

Sports and the Arts

    • [Kuroko no Basuke] + [Haikyuu!!]: Inform viewers on rules and regulations of sports, like Basketball and Volleyball, and display certain strategies and tactics commonly-seen in real-life competitions.knb 8
    • [Hanayamata]: Informs viewers on a Japanese cultural activity, called Yosakoi dancing, and showcases Yosakoi performances.hanayamata 30

General Knowledge

  • [Zankyou no Terror]: Made references to several historical events, one being the 1960 protests against the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan. Also, the anime includes Greek Mythology, informing viewers on certain aspects of the story of Oedipus.zankyou no terror 5
  • [Amagi Brilliant Park]: Informs viewers on Fermi Questions, which is basically the estimation of physical quantities to arrive at a rough answer. An example would be: Determine the length of an average red ant divided by the radius of a helium atom. For Fermi Questions, the exact physical quantities are usually unknown, and so people often work with just estimated values and logic. To try out some Fermi Questions, click the link here. amagi 8 amagi 9 amagi 10

Of course, the list is non-exhaustive. These are but just a few examples found in the wide world of anime. All I want to prove is that even though certain anime may be all about action or fan-service or what not, there are still instances of education and knowledge. Regardless of the anime, there is always something that can be taken away from it 🙂