{AHS Lesson 9} Midas Touch


Amagi Brilliant Park
amagi 41

This screencap was an allusion to King Midas, which is quite a significant figure in Greek Mythology. Thus, this post will be a reflection on his actions and the consequences of greed.

So, who is King Midas? Does the term “golden touch” ring a bell?

One Piece

Tell me if you got that pun!

Did you get the pun?! XD

Once upon a time, the satyr Silenus was drunk and got carried by some Phrygian peasants to their king, Midas. Midas flourished him with sumptuous food and accommodation, entertaining him for several days with stories and performances.

When Midas brought Silenus back to Dionysus in Lydia, Dionysus offered Midas a choice of whatever reward he desired. Midas asked to give him the ability to turn anything he touches into gold. On the way home, he decided to test his powers out by touching a tree branch. Miraculously, it turned to gold!

Student (Rachel): But what about food?

That is a very clever observation! Turning everything he touches into gold, Midas was totally unable to eat nor drink. As a result, he started to suffer from starvation. What seemed like a blessing at first, turned out to be a horrible curse! But the most dreadful thing was when he accidentally touched his daughter. Oops, we all can guess what happened next…

Fairy Tail



All in all, this story is not implying that desire for wealth is erroneous. Wanting money is natural since we live in a world that essentially revolves around money. This need is further amplified by the rising costs of living, inflation, increasing dependency on economically-active people.

However, all I am saying is that we should not be blinded by greed. Our actions and principles should not be oriented around selfish desires, such as avarice and materialism. For the case of King Midas, he was too focused on achieving material success, that he disregarded the possible ramifications that could have arose from it. Through our pursuit for money, we should still pay attention to everything else, because affluence is really not that important. Don’t believe me? Well, at least I know King Midas wasn’t happy at all, even with all his excessive opulence.

And along this note of supernatural powers, I’d like to point out that even with the best superpowers, like the ability to create anything you imagine, or temporal manipulation, or the potential to restore something to its original form, people will still face difficulties trying to solve basic problems about friendship and love. Therefore, in my opinion, coveting power, fame, wealth, etc, is really irrelevant in today’s society because there are countless of things that mere money cannot overcome.

Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de
inou battle 31

In conclusion, greed begets greed, and one will always be unsatisfied with one’s current financial state. If we can learn to acknowledge the insignificance of opulence in our lives and focus on our own ideals, the world will be a much more charitable place 🙂

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Believe In Your Dreams

Undoubtedly, all of us has dreamed of accomplishing something. Be it a future ambition, or even your New Year’s Resolutions, we often set aims for ourselves to inch forward step by step, and achieve the goal eventually.

Hmm... where did those post-it notes go? xD

Hmm… where did those post-it notes go? xD


Some dreams can be as easy as 1,2,3, producing ripe and juicy fruits through pure talent.

Some dreams can be as ambitious as becoming the richest, but your efforts may seem futile at first.

Some dreams can be as tedious as climbing Mt. Everest, having to overcome many obstacles before finally reaching the summit.

Miley Cyrus – The Climb
Always gonna be an uphill battle, sometimes I’m gonna have to lose~”

One of my favourite songs all time <3

One of my favourite songs all time ❤

But whatever it is, you should never give up trying to pursue your dreams. Be it typhoons or tornados, you should never be brought down. Gaia may chain you down, but it’s up to you whether you want to break free from the fetters and spread your wings. In other words, your potential may be limited through your physical environment, but you can overcome those limits through determination and hard work! You may have been born in a Less Economically Developed Country, and indeed, you may receive less resources and opportunities as a result, but that does not entirely prevent you from accomplishing your dreams. Life is unfair, so all you have to do is to put in more effort, in order to change your circumstances.

No Game No Life ngnl 16 ngnl 17 ngnl 18

However, diligence is not all that it takes to make your dreams come true, for it takes two hands to clap after all.

Other than working hard, you need to believe in your own dreams.

Now, what do I mean by that?

In my experience, I have met many people who are committed in saving the environment. But, the reasoning behind their ‘passion’ is that they were taught to do so from young. The notion that everyone needs to protect Earth, has been constantly instilled in them, to the point that they think it is only natural to do so. This is not wrong at all, but by doing this, you’re merely carrying out an ideal, and not, believing in your dream.

To truly believe in your dream, you need to be passionate about it, and understand that you’re doing this for yourself; for personal reasons and feelings. One may desire for world peace, but what is your motivation behind that wish? What is the rationale behind it? WHY DO YOU WANT IT? You may simply want world peace because that is the ‘correct’ thing to do, and not the thing that you want to do.

As a teenager, my teachers at school often ask us, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Some would say doctor, lawyer and scientist, because that is often what their parents encouraged them to be. In fact, majority of students have yet to find what they themselves truly want to do… If you identify yourself as one of these people, it’s not a problem at all! Sure, life is short, but it takes time and experience to learn more about yourself. Would you rather spend a long time doing something you don’t enjoy, or enjoying something that you love to do for a brief period of time? I think most mentally-healthy people will choose a short-lived happiness, over plain torture…

one piece 38

Anyway, I believe that Believe (One Piece OP2) is a very good summary of my post. For the song, there is an English Dub version, and I just want to highlight these two lines from it.

~I’m gonna follow my dreams, no matter how crazy they seem~

~Live how we want to~

Finally, I’d like to end off with this phrase of mine that I always repeat in my previous posts. I said it in my Christianity & Homosexuality post, and I indirectly mentioned it in my Fitting In post.

Live Your Own Life! #LYOL

Find your own dreams.

Believe in your dreams.

Strive to realise your dreams.

Thank you for dreami- I mean, reading 🙂

Do Anime Even Impart Knowledge?

For non-otakus, it is typically thought that anime are merely fantasy-oriented shows that do not have much relevance to reality. For anime viewers, we also tend to get too absorbed into the plot, and miss out on the educational aspect of anime.

Anime has definitely imparted moral values to me. But has it taught me anything else, other than just life lessons?


  • [One Piece] Clima-Tact (Mirage Tempo): Nami uses the “Cool Ball” in a dry and hot environment to change the air density and create a mirage of herself. The extreme difference in temperature causes major light refraction, allowing Nami to disappear and create an illusionary copy of herself. To be totally honest, this was one of my favourite fights in One Piece, entirely because physics was used to defeat a much stronger enemy, and intelligence triumphed strength in the end. one piece 34
  • [Terra Formars] The DNA of various animals, mainly insects, have been incorporated into humans, giving them the abilities of the organism itself. For example, Marcos gained the powers of the Huntsman Spider, attaining great strength, ferocity and incredible speed. Likewise, many animals and their characteristics have been portrayed and described in the manga. terra formars 2

Sports and the Arts

    • [Kuroko no Basuke] + [Haikyuu!!]: Inform viewers on rules and regulations of sports, like Basketball and Volleyball, and display certain strategies and tactics commonly-seen in real-life competitions.knb 8
    • [Hanayamata]: Informs viewers on a Japanese cultural activity, called Yosakoi dancing, and showcases Yosakoi performances.hanayamata 30

General Knowledge

  • [Zankyou no Terror]: Made references to several historical events, one being the 1960 protests against the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan. Also, the anime includes Greek Mythology, informing viewers on certain aspects of the story of Oedipus.zankyou no terror 5
  • [Amagi Brilliant Park]: Informs viewers on Fermi Questions, which is basically the estimation of physical quantities to arrive at a rough answer. An example would be: Determine the length of an average red ant divided by the radius of a helium atom. For Fermi Questions, the exact physical quantities are usually unknown, and so people often work with just estimated values and logic. To try out some Fermi Questions, click the link here. amagi 8 amagi 9 amagi 10

Of course, the list is non-exhaustive. These are but just a few examples found in the wide world of anime. All I want to prove is that even though certain anime may be all about action or fan-service or what not, there are still instances of education and knowledge. Regardless of the anime, there is always something that can be taken away from it 🙂

Human = Beast ?

One Piece Episode 659 & 660

In the past, this was the common definition of the word ‘beast’.

beast 1

But now, a new aspect of the word has become widespread.

beast 2

Why did this occur? This is because, at many instances, humans turn into these so-called ‘beasts’. As compared to humans, most animals are unintelligent and have only two main goals in life: survival and reproduction. Thus, to survive, animals would prey on weaker organisms. This form of lifestyle is extremely self-oriented, as they only care about their needs and do not empathise with their prey. Wait a minute, doesn’t this seem familiar? Killing others for own survival? Concerned solely on individual needs and disregarding others?


In the past, the words ‘human’ and ‘beast’ were antonyms. Humans were humans, and beasts were non-human animals.

one piece 12 one piece 13 one piece 14

But now, they are no longer mutually exclusive terms. A human can be a human and a beast simultaneously.

In Romeo and Juliet, when the civil conflict broke out, the Prince exclaims: “You men, you beasts, that quench the fire of your pernicious rage with purple fountains issuing from your veins…” The citizens were not rational, and did not think twice on the undesirable outcomes that could occur from fighting. This urge to fight without any logical reason makes them fitting of the term ‘beasts’. They are just doing what they want to do, without pondering about the possible deaths and injuries of others.

Also, there is a recent pop song called, Animals by Maroon 5. Looking at the lyrics from a non-sexual point of view, the entire song is a simile, by comparing humans to animals. One part also mentions: “You can’t deny the beast inside.” I fully agree to this statement. No one is perfect. No one will not develop morally incorrect thoughts and mindsets. It is just how much of this ‘unpleasant’ side are we showing to others. Therefore, as much as I hate to say this, but in my opinion, all humans are beasts with a guise.

Maroon 5 – Animals (Lyric Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BJ3ZXpserc


Bon Clay, aka Mr.2, once said this:

one piece 33

So, it may be true that all humans are just concealing the beast inside them. But is that wrong? Not at all! In fact, I believe that the more you hide this beast inside, the better you are as a person. Everyone has a tendency to commit actions that will benefit our individual life, but if you restrain this desire, if you stop this beast inside, then you will ultimately become a more humane person.

In life, there are many instances whereby the beast manifests in humans. Cheating in tests, bullying, etc. People do these because they feel that these actions improves their well-being. In another perspective, they are allowing the beast to take over their soul. At this point in time, they are no longer human.

As what Mr.2 has mentioned, do not stray from being a Human. We may all be humans with a beast inside, but once we give in to the beast, our human conscience will slowly diminish into nothing. Be in control of yourself and do not fall to the same irrationality as that of a beast.

A Century to Build Up Trust / A Day to Lose All Integrity

One Piece Episode 659 & 660

In the 21st century, it is rare to see a good government. But it is even more rare to see a government directly helping its citizens, instead of just sending a lump of money to cover up costs. Even though a country tend to face multiple problems, it is heartening when the government actually prioritises the welfare of its people before everything else, by mobilising its troops to aid families in the occurrence of a disaster.

one piece 7 one piece 6

But in times of trouble, when the government faces a threat and is forced to make an undesirable decision, it becomes a test to measure the amount of trust the citizens place in their government. That is because for many centuries, the government have maintained a good reputation for themselves, which allow the citizens to comply to whatever unreasonable request the government has.

one piece 16 one piece 17 one piece 18 one piece 19

However, there is a limit, and once this limit has been crossed, everything will change. In this case, Doflamingo used his ability to control the king and the fellow soldiers, and created a mass killing of the citizens. Unbeknownst to the citizens, they thought that the king was betraying them and wanted all the money they previously gathered for himself only.

one piece 21
one piece 20

Although this action was very extreme, just this one action, in one night, resulted in a total change in attitude towards the king.

one piece 24
one piece 25
one piece 26
one piece 27
one piece 28

The rulers have been very nice and has expressed much care and concern towards the citizens for many centuries. However, in one night, this perfect image has been utterly destroyed into ruins.

one piece 29
one piece 30
one piece 31
one piece 32

In life, this is a similar concept to everything that we do. Most of the time, we honour our promises and keep to our deadlines. Countries also try to hold up a good reputation for themselves. In the case of Singapore, we have always been a multiracial society. But if we go back on our promise for just one time, people lose faith in us and they begin to be wary of us. Just one incident on racial disharmony in Singapore, can result in other countries jumping the gun and labelling Singapore no longer a country with racial harmony. People tend to take the norm for granted, but become unforgiving when something different happens. We should not always pick the bones in the fish, but rather, enjoy it for the delicious flesh and take note of the unwanted bones. Judge people for all the things they have done, and not pinpoint on a particular incident.

It is so arduous to do 99 good things, but so simple to screw up just 1 time. It is so difficult to maintain a perfect image for 99 years, but so easy to lose that good reputation in just 1 year. Hopefully, people can learn to not criticise harshly based on that 1 mistake, and look upon people based on both the virtuous deeds that they have done and the sins they have committed.

For a fair judgement is always the best judgement.


Author’s Note:

I understand that I have not posted for the past few days. Sorry >< I had been busy dealing with an issue about myself, and was not in the best mood to write content. This post will be a build-up to something that I am very very passionate about and will be mentioning in a few days time. Hope you enjoyed this post! :3