Underage Drinking >:(


Each year, approximately 5,000 young people under the age of 21 die as a result of underage drinking.

On that faithful day, if Agil-san did not ignore Kirito’s request and gave him alcohol to drink, it may have been GAME OVER for Kirito-kun…

Sword Art Online
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You think I’m exaggerating? Well, let me just tell you that the ramifications of underage drinking is no joke at all. Firstly, many teenagers are not fully aware of the devastating effects of alcohol consumption, and hence, they drink excessively. This would lead to an addiction in drinking alcohol and binge drinking in the future, which will result in extremely adverse health effects. Underage drinking may also cause impaired judgement – the inability to decide the correct moral action to do. In the worst case scenario, there would be underage sexual intercourse and ‘ta-da’, you now have the responsibility of raising a baby~ Studies have also shown that underage drinking may upset the critical hormonal balance necessary for the development of organs, and will affect the maturation of the reproductive system.

Basically, as a teenager, you’re not ready to handle the health impacts of alcohol consumption yet, so take a chill pill and be patient for adulthood. ((There’s a reason why there’s a law against underage drinking.)) By then, you will be more mature enough to gauge when you are at your limit and when is the time to put the cup down.



What if my friends force me to drink? I would love to tell you that if they force you, then they aren’t friends at all, but anyways, I don’t think that one should push the blame to others. You are the one to decide whether you want to succumb to Mr. Peer Pressure. If your friends are more important than your health, by all means, go ahead and waste your life. If not, just tell them straight to the face that you do not want to drink and politely ask them to stop persuading you. You don’t need ten buckets of courage to say that out. All you need is the will to stick to your own ideals and decide yourself what is the right course of action.

Donten ni Warau
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Yes I know that as adults, you can feel free to drink alcohol. However, don’t you think it is very unwise to drink when children or teenagers are around? In society, children look up to adults both literally in height, and as a form of expression. Children have yet to understand society fully and thus, turn to adults for that knowledge. If they see that drinking is a common form of lifestyle among adults, won’t they begin to imitate that too? Without proper guidance, they may deem alcohol consumption as something good and start drinking at a young age, which would be absolutely disastrous. The poor kid might just need a liver transplant at 14 years old! CAN YOU BEAR TO DO SOMETHING SO HORRENDOUS TO AN INNOCENT CHILD?

Orenchi no Furo Jijou
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Morale of the Post: Drink tea instead, guys. Oolong Tea > Buurbon on the Rocks



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{ASM 1.1km} Homo Homini Lupus

In the context of the anime, this statement refers to the Orochi, which is the enemy of human beings.

However, based on the text alone, what species of animal comes to mind?

Donten ni Warau Episode 6
donten 10 donten 11

greed, avarice, pride“: common traits of human beings
devouring every living thing“: humans consume animals, plants and fungi
burning the land“: humans slash-and-burn to clear forests
drying the seas“: humans build dams in rivers
destruction“: pollution by humans has ruined the natural landscape

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 8
kiseijuu 33

Therefore, who is the true enemy of human beings?

Position & Status

{DxM I}

Literary Device: Allegory

Definition: An allegory is a symbolism device where the meaning of a greater, often abstract, concept is conveyed with the aid of a more corporeal object or idea being used as an example. Usually a rhetoric device, an allegory suggests a meaning via metaphoric examples.


Donten ni Warau Episode 8

donten 8donten 9


The allegory found in this example, is one’s position in a group of people walking together. Whenever we’re with others, we tend to have different positions according to who the other person is. If it is a superior-inferior or dominant-passive relationship, it would be in front versus behind. If it is with friends or acquaintances, it would be side-by-side. And if it is with strangers, well… the position of both parties will be quite distant. Therefore, walking positions tell a lot about the relationship of people.

In these two scenes, the first sentence refers to the current situation, whereby the veterans have a higher status than the newbie. On the other hand, the second sentence is basically an invitation for the non-experienced member to attain strength and power, in order to heighten his position in this Yamainu Squad. Hence, there is this abstract idea of improving oneself to become a stronger person, which is clearly represented by the concept of walking positions.

In life, we might be weaker than others in certain aspects, and as a result, walking behind them. However, through hard work and determination, you will undoubtedly gain progress and rise through the ranks. In the end, you might even be walking with them at your side, or even, in front of them. All you need is to put in more effort and energy, and increase your pace to catch up with them. If you are currently persevering through any arduous obstacle, then, jiayous, ganbatte, keep it up, don’t give up!

Because once you stop walking, the distance between you and others will gradually get larger and larger, until they vanish from your vision, leaving nothing but a trail of dust… Then all you can do is 望尘莫及

As Dory from Finding Nemo once said: “Just keep swimming~”

Other Examples: Faith is like a stony uphill climb: a single stumble might send you sprawling but belief and steadfastness will see you to the very top.

Reference: http://literary-devices.com/content/allegory


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Rely on One Another

Donten ni Warau Episode 4

IMG_2420.PNGdonten 5
donten 6

The United Nations recognises the family as the basic unit of society, not individuals.

This is because human beings are unable to survive alone. Without a family, there is no one to provide daily necessities for the child, no one to teach the child what is right and wrong, no one to love the child. All of us need to rely on others, be it for emotional support or general assistance in life. None of us are perfect; we are unable to accomplish every single thing in the world. However, with a family, things can be worked out together and problems can be solved. They can help you in the aspects they are talented in, and you can help them in the areas you specialise in.

From a spiritual point of view, a family is completely necessary to ensure that everyone can learn from one another’s mistakes and to provide everyone with adequate emotions in life.

From a practical point of view, a family is entirely crucial for individuals because it is a ‘I scratch your back, you scratch mine’ form of relationship, that is beneficial for all parties.

We need to start appreciating our family more, and realise how significant their impact is on our lives. Our parents are our first teachers; our siblings are our first friends. Were it not for them, you would not have been who you are today…