Addiction: Fun But Meaningless

All along, my hobbies include: anime, blogging, watching Youtube videos, and playing League of Legends. I used to read a lot of books, but sadly, that was in the past… Anyways, with so many pastimes, how do I even cope with life? Well, that’s the problem. Even though it is the school holidays for me now, I have work attachment and a part-time job. So, in order to handle these responsibilities, I tried reducing time spent on my hobbies. But unfortunately, this plan didn’t work out well. Thus, I have made a decision: I am going to stop blogging, because it is taking up way too much time. This will be my last and final post. Goodbye, Zyrogate Faine…

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Or not? 😉 Haha was that too serious of a joke? I’m really sorry for that. Anyways, I’ll probably never quit blogging ((until 2 years later due to A levels and National Service afterwards…)) Indeed, each of my post require a heck lot of time, be it research or writing. But, I enjoy it very much and do not plan to stop any time soon. However, I have made up my mind to get rid of my hobby of playing LoL and watching LoL-related Youtube videos. LoL has been a really fun game, but it is one of the most useless things I have ever done in my life. It had allowed me to make friends through this common interest, but other than that, it has been an absolute waste of my time, and I have learnt almost nothing from it. In a game, I am unable to stop immediately because you are playing with other people and it is not ideal to be an irresponsible person. The LoL community is partially made up of very negative people, who carries machine guns around them, and shoots harsh criticism at people. This may cause people to feel emotionally sad. No offence, but this goes the same for several popular phone games and applications. My interest in LoL is not as extreme as an addiction, but similarly, I want to stop it once and for all 🙂


5 Tips To Stop Addiction

  1. List out the negative aspects of the particular activity
  2. Engage in other activities, less time to play.
  3. Identify and eradicate the triggers, for e.g. desktop shortcut.
  4. If that doesn’t work, uninstall/delete the game entirely.
  5. Set a goal to stop playing the game, like a 30-days abstinence.

For more info:


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To be honest, I believe that just watching anime alone is not a really meaningful hobby, because there’s no follow-up? There may be a lot of knowledge and values described in the anime, but you just pass it and move on to another anime… So, I think that that’s quite meaningless. Similar to life, if we just live a life that is full of joy and entertainment, at the end of the day, you would not leave any impact to the world. Instead, I think that we should strive to leave a positive effect on people at the same time, to fully experience the meaning of life.

Of course, having fun is important, but maybe we should not take up all the fun for ourselves, and give others some fun as well 🙂

Karneval Episode 6

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Ao Haru Ride

All because she decided to change her situation… IMG_1868.PNG
Personally, the anime didn’t finish with a ‘BANG’. Kou and Futaba’s relationship have not reached an intimate level, Touma still has an unknown background and there is new conflict between Tanaka-sensei and Kominato. All these incomplete aspects hint towards a 2nd season, hopefully.


Ao Haru Ride Episode 6

Even though not all the anime for this year have been aired, I would like to declare Ao Haru Ride the #BestLoveAnime2014. These pictures cannot fully capture the essence of the feels I experienced. Music, dialogue, facial expressions, and definitely the usage of bright colours. It just feels so surreal, so magical.

Without prior knowledge, some may think that it is silly to decide one’s love for another just based on whether he is willing to wait for you and stuff, but these incidents, even the traffic light and the lamps in the train station, are all symbolism. It illustrates that sometimes we are confused; not sure what to do, but in actuality, the answer’s there all along. As conflicted as one is, there will never be an absolutely correct decision and whatever choice we make, there has to be some form of sacrifices or downside to it. It can never be perfect. But at least, trust the decision that you make. If your gut feels that it is the best decision, go for it, because once you wait too long, the opportunity will be gone.

Some people may think that Futaba is being selfish by loving Kou, whom Yuuri likes too. But from the anime, we can see that the feelings are reciprocated by both of them, while Yuuri just has a one-sided crush. Making a decision is not pursuing your own happiness and forsaking the sake of others, and is definitely not the other way around. It really cannot be defined. That is why making decisions is hard. You never know what is the most morally correct decision, but you just go with the one that you have the most faith in. I think that although this episode only portrays on decisions about love, it can be applied to anything we do. If a white lie, like what Futaba told, can help you make the decision, do it. Just from that scene, we can see that Kou does not want to leave Futaba behind, even if he appears to be a very lackadaisical person. This tiny little act represents care and concern, which I think are major aspects of love. In life, we tend to miss out on these tiny little actions. I hope everyone, including myself, can start to appreciate everyone around us a little bit more. After all, people just want to be thanked; appreciated; loved…

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