How To End A War

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 12


The common misconception is that people have conflicts due to hatred.


But there are many things people start wars for. World War II broke out because certain countries (aka Germany) wanted to heighten their power and authority, and certain countries (aka Japan) wanted more resources to feed their increasing population. When those objectives are fulfilled, the war will most likely cease, because there’s nothing else to continue fighting for.


However, there is another way to stop a war. Which is what United States did, in order to stop WWII immediately. Mass killing.

By dropping two atomic bombs, approximately 300,000 people were killed. And this was the gun that pointed to Japan’s throat. Thus, they had no other choice but to surrender.


Out of the millions of people, one or two does not make a difference, in the eyes of a ruler, because they have to think of the ‘greater good’. But when the number of deaths become significant, they will have to come to a decision.

In my opinion, life cannot be measured, in any way or aspect. It doesn’t matter if 10 people died or 10 billion people died, because every life has an infinite value. To use the number of deaths as a marker for when one should stop a war is just plain inhumane. But I guess that’s how rulers see it, or at least the Japanese rulers in the WWII period. They did not surrender even after United States had dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. Even after around 150,000 people had died, they still took the risk, resulting in the deaths of 80,000+ people in Nagasaki a few days later.

I am in no way, approving of the United States’s actions, but I am condemning the actions of the Japanese rulers.

Whatever the case, the past has flowed on. All I hope is that wars will not continue to happen and that wars can be settled by compromising with one another, and making peaceful concessions.


Leave No Stone Unturned

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 11

When the enemy is overpowered, we, as the weaker side, tend to think that there is no way to defeat them, no method to defend ourselves.


This results in a sense of helplessness, a sense of resignation, that there is no hope left.


And when we despair, that is when we give up on ourselves, and that is also when we unconsciously block every single way out, that was originally open for us.