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Last month, I participated in Project Sagarmāthā, which was oriented around providing monetary aid to the victims in the recent Nepal earthquake on 25th April 2015. Over 8,000 people died from the earthquake and many homes were devastated as well. It was a really shocking and agonising incident for all.


Public Donation Drive: SGD $17,441.40

School Donation Drive: SGD $11,971.00


In this project, we organised a School Donation Drive and a Public Donation Drive throughout Singapore, to collect donations for the Nepal earthquake victims. It was definitely a tedious process, having to design posters, ask shopping malls for permissions, being rejected and then asking other shopping malls, having to prepare all the administrative documents for the booth itself, etc.

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Overall, it was an eye-opener as that was the first time I participated in a planning committee of a donation project. I didn’t realise so much effort goes into the preparation of the event. Since this was a extremely spontaneous initiative ((we immediately took action after the earthquake occurred)), we did not have much time to work with. Thanks to our team leader and mentor teacher, we managed to settle everything in just a single month 🙂

But something really unfortunate happened. Despite all our planning, the police informed us THE DAY BEFORE THE ACTUAL EVENT that the first day of our donation drive clashed with another activity. How atrocious omg… And they were the ones who initially gave us the green light. In the end, we could only hold our drive on the second day. But that wasn’t all. We had to message ALL the 100 volunteers to notify them about this change. However, I personally called them up one by one because I felt this was of utmost emergency and they deserved to receive a direct apology from us. Each time I called, I braced being lambasted by the volunteer for having ruined their plans, but omg they were all so understanding and cute!!! They sounded genuinely sad, and expressed interest in participating for any future projects if we decided to organise them. I was really touched by how nice they were!

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On the second day, we swore we would do our best in order to make up for the lost time. I was the I/C of Plaza Singapura Mall, and worked for both shifts from 10-3pm and 3-7pm. I also decided to be really high so that the volunteers would feel excited as well. AND THEY WERE! I made the briefing very short and fun, like I told them, “When people ignore you, you can’t scold them like OI COME BACK HERE YOU IMPOLITE BRAT, but you can always curse them under your breath ^^ haha jk”

Most notably, I want to highlight the volunteers from Class 4L, because they were really really cute HAHA among them, there was this girl who was really passionate and she filled up two whole tins by herself!! I mean like, the traffic flow at Plaza Sing is really massive, but she definitely deserve some credit for collecting so much donations. I really want to thank them personally, as I had a great time because of them :3

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Even though this project made me so much busier over the last few months ((considering my OCIP Project Myanmar as well)), I really enjoyed this project and I am SUPER motivated to start up my own charity project with a group of friends as well in the future! I’m just so blown away at how just a bunch of students can raise close to $30 thousand for disaster victims O: indeed, it’s quite insignificant if you compare it to international aid, but like because of what we did, perhaps at least 50 out of the 23,000 people injured might be able to receive daily necessities and survive! That’s just so heartwarming ❤ And not to mention, I interacted with many members of the public, and a lot of them rejected not because they didn’t want to give, but because they already contributed! Like church, or school, or company work, etc. They may not have helped in our project, but that’s not the point, the main thing is to help the victims, be it one way or another. Idk I’ve always been a bystander in natural disasters, simply donating to causes or tweeting my well-wishes and stuff, but this time, I actually helped people with my own hands! It just feels so sweet and I’m definitely going to participate in similar projects in the future ((omg not that I hope for more natural disasters to occur so that I can join such projects HAHAHA)) okay I shall stop rambling here xD I know all my latest posts are not related to anime, so well too bad for you then

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5 thoughts on “Nepal – The Day The Earth Shattered

  1. Hi, “you really have a cool blog!” was the first thing that I thought as I scrolling your welcome page, I mean with the animes pics and blog explanation, it’s really a sleek and cool design, you know. Beside, I love animes and currently has a big crush over ansatsu kyoushitsu and owari no seraph (okay, back to the topic, lol). But then I take a look at your posts and I realized it became more meaningful than that. I love the way you sharing your humanity activies and similar. It somehow opened up my mind and kind of like…reading national geographic magazine, maybe? (but with animes included inside lol). I learn a lot by read your posts.

    So I don’t know the proper way to say it, but thank you. Thank you for writing such a great blog with so many lesson and, of course, refreshment (because I’m an anime freak and I think animes is a great-refreshment) inside.

    Keep on writing! I will be your regular visitor from now on!!


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    • OMG HELLO!!! Do I call you oka, or kyokazuchan haha which do you prefer?

      This comment made me so happy you don’t even know T I REALLY HOPE THERE’S SEASON 2!

      Do you know that the reason I started this blog was for someone to say these exact same words to me? Like to be totally honest with you, I actually teared up when I read your comment. I mean, I’ve had people liking my posts and I’ve had really awesome conversations with fellow anibloggers too, but this is the first time someone actually thanked me for my posts, I’m just so touched… Every time I write a blog post, I ensure that my readers have something to take away from it. So, your comment is just really heartwarming to me, and I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for this comment. You have really motivated me to continue blogging! I genuinely hope you enjoyed my posts haha

      Haha see you often then xD I’ll visit your blog regularly as well, you share a lot of interesting content! especially the attack on titan movie, and the Against The Current music video, omg I totally didn’t know about them. All the best to you too! ^^

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      • Sorry for the late reply….
        Most fellow anime (and-japan-culture-and-literature-and-art) lover friends call me Oka so I’m more used to that one, but both is not problem actually 😀

        You’re very very welcome dear, and of course thank you too! My posts are mainly about useless things maybe *sobs*, I hope it won’t bothering you so much since you followed me >_<

        And yea, actually I not really fluent in english, so, ato wa yoroshiku nee~

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