Today, my crush patted me on my shoulder, alongside words of encouragement.

Today, my close friend smacked my shoulder really hard, as his way of greeting me.

Today, my parents put their arms over my shoulder, complimenting me over good deeds.


Through the course of my junior college life thus far, many of my friends have broken down from the sheer pressure due to school commitments. Having persisted through such an arduous and hectic lifestyle, all they really want is a pillar of support and encouragement.

Recently, I came across a heartwarming story. Despite going against scientific facts, it conveyed an inspiring message – our most important body part is not our eyes, ears, nor heart. It is our shoulder, for friends and family to cry on and lean on.


In Singapore, it is common to see people rushing around, to and fro, from work, from school. Sometimes, we rush through the crowds so hastily that we tend to focus all our attention towards the destination, the end-result, blurring our surroundings and neglecting the people around us. I myself committed such a heinous crime. Being in a pragmatic and meritocratic society, I decided to orientate the two years of my JC life towards the attainment of academic success. And in the process of mugging and rubbing subject notes all over my depressed face, I did not even realised that my shoulder had turned cold.

But that wasn’t all. A few weeks ago, my close friend broke into tears, after screwing up an important project work. He was frustrated enough, and was simply overwhelmed by our suggestions to help salvage his work. I tried to comfort him, but that was when I realised, I couldn’t. I tried to think coherently for words of solace, but I couldn’t and I ended up just standing there, staring into space. At that point in time, I feared that I may or may not, have acquired a state of apathy, and may or may not, have lost my shoulder.

Or maybe I didn’t misplace it. Instead, I jettisoned it on purpose, in order to be rid of useless dead-weight. I discarded it, ditched it, hurled it vehemently on the ground, for it invited these annoying people to lean on me, shed stupid tears on me, to pass their baton of burden onto me, slowing my pace as a result. It was a hindrance, an obstruction, barricading the achievable success that was almost within my wrinkled hand’s reach.


And that was when my crush, my friend, and my parents tapped on my shoulder.

It felt strange, unfamiliar, as if a foreign organ was being transplanted into my body. I didn’t realise until I noticed it, dirty and soiled from being tossed onto the cold hard ground previously. But as if graced by their touch, the body part was restored, back to its clean original state. Their words, praises, greeting, encouragements, infused the body part with brimming hope and energy. This optimism spread throughout my worn-out body, rejuvenating it, revitalising it, reviving it.

I realised then, that life wasn’t meant to be lived alone, wasn’t meant to be shouldered alone.


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15 thoughts on “The Most Important Body Part

  1. Hi! This is a really interesting post! I never really thought about the shoulder that way, but it does make a lot of sense when I think about it. The images you used (more specifically, the emotions depicted in them) really emphasized your point, and I really liked how you stylized your writing. Nice job!

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  2. Nice post, sire! :3 It’s quite the misleading title for me, because I don’t think there’s a ‘most’ important body part, superior to the rest of the body. Each part functions differently than the others, though it’s certain physical death with heart and brain dead. (Ahh, please ignore this)

    Anyway, I think of shoulders, after reading this post, as the part which we can use instead of words especially if we can’t truly find the right words to comfort other people. Speaking from experience, it’s really comfortable to lean on someone’s shoulder; and it’s kinda heart-warming to know you’ve been relied on when someone leans on your shoulder!

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    • Haha yeah it’s scientifically incorrect to say that the shoulder is the most impt body part. Ohh that must be quite nice haha it’s quite sad cause I have yet to experience that xD but yeahh i can imagine. Just the action alone could even be more significant than a thousand words of comfort. That’s why it’s quite underrated in a sense haha maybe I should change the title to most underrated instead lol

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      • I get the impression that you’re reserved even when you’re with your friends. Do you not display affection with physical contact, like hanging your arm on a friend’s back? Although I realize that not all people like physical contact that much, I think friends should be comfortable with one another–that simple physical contact shouldn’t be too awkward.

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      • Hmmm I think you’re really spot-on HAHAHA erm tbh the characteristic of my close relationships would be that I talk a lot. Idk if ALL singaporeans are reserved, but I definitely don’t do as much physical contact with others. It’s mostly the feelings expressed through conservations and activities. One of my friend shows his closeness by being more hostile towards his friends, smth similar to a tsundere I guess HAHAHA OH YES I think I mentioned to you before I cant rly rmb but I said that I didn’t hug my friends? HAHAHA yeah… idk to me, that’s like romantic stage already XD unless my friend is like bawling her eyes out, then I think a hug is really essential. I KNOW THIS IS VERY WEIRD but I guess our environments are quite different haha


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