The moment we step into this world, we are bestowed with a name tag, that continues to follow us for life.

Nice to meet you! My name is Leslie Lim Ze Yong. What is your name?


As similar as my name is to the term “Lesbian“, I am, unfortunately, a guy. Plus, I don’t “lie” as much as my name would suggest. So as you can see, my name does not reflect or even hint at any of my personality traits. Nevertheless, names are still rich in meaning and significance, which I will be expounding on in this post.


Imagine a world without names. How would you call someone else without confusing others?

Akatsuki no Yona
akatsuki 7

In Akatsuki no Yona, all the people who share the same ability of paralysing others with their eyes are cursed with the title of The Blue Dragon. Similarly in Durarara, Akane is an innocent and sweet child. But due to the reputation of her family being a violent gang, people associate her with the same features and tend to avoid her.

Hence, the fetters of stereotypes engendered by these labels, restrain one’s individuality, compelling one to become a puppet of society – abiding others’ expectations of them. These hasty generalisations also attaches unfair characteristics onto them, which they may not actually possess.

Thus, categorising people based on common traits is not an ideal method of identifying people correctly.

And that is why names are fundamental for any society.

Durarara!!x2 Shou
durarara 17

But not only do names provide us with an identity, they act as a pokeball of our entire life. When friends call to us, they are not merely saying out our names. Instead, they are referring to you – the person who has had a significant impact on their lives; the person who has went through thick and thin together with them. Just like how Ash is calling out for HIS butterfree, not just ANY butterfree.

Critics of Murano in Kiseijuu (Parasyte) are incessantly harping on how excessive she is in terms of her character in the plot, and how silly her repeated questions are. But in my opinion, those critics are very myopic. The “Izumi Shinichi-kun” she refers to, is not ANY Izumi Shinichi-kun. Instead, she is referring to the Izumi in the past, before the transfusion of Migi; the Izumi who saved a cat from being thrown stones at; the Izumi who WORE SPECTACLES. Therefore, this repetition is vital to the plot as it contributes to the contrast of past versus present regarding Izumi.

Names aren’t as simple as they look, huh?

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Parasyte: The Maxim)
kiseijuu 45

And that is why, like I said before, names entail so much more meaning and significance than you can ever think of. Names literally encapsulate our entire existence.

As a result, we should never look down on anyone’s name, for it would be akin to dismissing their existence.

Death Parade
death parade 57

Their names represent their happiness, sorrow, toil, jealousy, anger, failures, accomplishments – all the sunshine and storms they have been through in their journey thus far. ‘Bob‘ is not just A Bob, but THE Bob who was involved in construction projects, together with the help of several anthropomorphic work-vehicles, a.k.a. ‘Bob The Builder‘. We need to respect each other’s names and acknowledge each other for who we are.

So screw Ginti, because our names do indeed make a difference, an astronomical difference that only YOU can make. We need to take pride in our names and cherish them just like how Ash cherishes his pokeballs! Names are not simply a tool for conversation, THEY ARE US. See how the characters in Yowamushi Pedal unceasingly moans each others’ names when cycling: “Sakamichi!“, “Manami-kun!“, “Sakamichi!“, “Man-” YOU GET THE POINT.

All I hope is that after reading this article, people can be more proud of their name and say them out loud with no shame. Who cares whether you’re a Benjamin, Muthu, Mao Ze Dong, or even,『Blank』? No matter what your name is, other people should never judge you based on it, but most importantly, you yourself should never look down on your own name.

No Game No Lifengnl 20


Thankew for reading my post! ^^ My name is Leslie Lim Ze Yong. What is your name?

P.S. Like seriously, if you don’t mind, share with me your name in the comments below! I’m really interested in getting to know more names out of my social circle :3

41 thoughts on “What Is Your Name?

    • Hello!! Haha Lehzalee’s actually my online alias ^^ one of my friend was breaking down ‘Leslie’ into 3 syllabus so it became ‘Leh-za-lee” and I found that really cool for some reason, I would love if I had it as my real name xD hmm my surname’s Lim actually, not Lee HAHA but I guess both surnames are quite common around here

      What’s your name btw? No worries if you’re not keen on sharing it online. I mean, it’s good to be cautious after all haha

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      • Ehhh actually now it really does sound like ‘Leh-za-lee’ xD Doesn’t appear to be so if you don’t say it out loud though! OMG CRAP I read wrongly haha! Must have been my subconscious hmm.
        Haha i apologise my name is a little too unique for me to share here in the public online domain, though its possible in a more private setting haha. So yep, better to play safe! xD

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      • Haha its quite late now so it’s normal if you misread it haha

        Ooh now im excited 😉 the most unique english name I’ve came across so far is the name ‘Raiant’. Oh, I guess chinese names are quite unique as well. Either way, it’s cool 🙂

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      • Oh I see! Haha just being curious, do you know of any “Leslie” in your life? AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, IS THE PERSON A BOY OR A GIRL. My friend was laughing at me how Leslie is a girl name and I was so annoyed lol. I always felt that it was a unisex name.

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      • Hahahah no you’re the first Leslie I know! But tbh I actually always thought Leslie was a girl’s name…up till now. 😀 That’s the impression I got from reading fiction – maybe Westerners did intend it as a girl’s name though I would say ‘Leslie’ is still strictly unisexual xD

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      • YES THAT MEANS IM STILL QUITE UNIQUE and I guess its kinda true “Leslie” appears more often as a girl than a guy. haha thanks for entertaining all of my neuroses though xD really enjoyed this conversation 🙂

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  1. Great post! Indeed, names are important in society. And I really like that you connected this topic with some. I just want to mention the power of names as demonstrated in “Natsume Yuujinchou”. Names are so powerful that it gives you the power to command and even to end the existence of a youkai. Anyway, great post.

    Oh, I’m Arria, by the way. Haha! Cheers and keep on blogging!

    Liked by 2 people

    • HEY ARRIA 🙂 Thankew for commenting!! ^^

      Ooh that’s really cool and it really contributes to the idea of how important names are! Btw, from your description, I thought you were referring to Noragami at first because I have never watched Natsume Yuujinchou xD

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      • You’re welcome!
        I see. Haven’t watched “Noragami” yet, so I don’t really know much about it. Anyway, I enjoyed your post. Keep on blogging. Cheers!

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    • Nice job mentioning Natsume Yuujinchou. Indeed. Name was a main theme in the series, especially in the first season, which showed the dynamics between Natsume and the youkai he originally didn’t want to bother with.

      Hello, Leslie! I’m….!! You already know, don’t tell me you forgot it. Hahaha.
      Great post, by the way! 😉

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  2. This was an interesting read, I enjoyed it.

    Names are important, and they are the foundation for identity/character.

    My name is pretty unique. It is pretty uncommon. I don’t use it on the internet because I don’t want random people to try to look me up on google and what not. (So basically safety reasons.) Instead, I use the name, “lyn” or “lynlyn” on my blog/ internet because it is somewhat common and it gives me an entirely different identity or alter-ego (kind of like a superhero).

    Anyways, people should be proud of their names, like you and me (hey isn’t that a pun? haha).

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    • Thankew for your comment! ^^

      Ooh “lyn” is a cool name. Sounds like a “lynette” haha. Dont judge me but I actually use my blog name “Zyrogate” as an online alias sometimes haha I find it really cool to use words that I created myself :3 really agree to your point that it makes me feel somewhat like a superhero 🙂

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  3. HI Leslie! I loved the Pokemon analogy! We’ve already done the whole name thing, so you know I’m Umbreen. My name isn’t the most common where I live, but it isn’t as unique as people tend to think either. However, I’m so unused to interacting with people who have the same name as me that I find myself automatically disliking people who share my name when I meet them. (Bad habit, I know!) It just makes me feel like they’re trying to steal my identity, even if they’re older than me and they probably think of me as the “other Umbreen.” Anyway, nice post, glad to see that you’re back!

    Liked by 1 person

    • HELLO UMBREEN im so sorry I havent checked your blog in a long while >< in fact I havent checked any other blogs at all, I feel so ashamed of myself

      Omg i cant entirely relate to you because I haven't met another Leslie, but I have a friend called Lester, and EVERYONE OFTEN MIXES US UP. I mean, he's a really nice person and all but I absolutely hate it because it makes me feel like there's no differences between me and him for others to differentiate us. Even though I know its just a slip of the tongue, it really saddens me when I'm not recognised for who I am. So dont worry, its quite understandable 🙂

      Thanks for your compliment! ^^ I'm currently doing my best to post once every week. Keep blogging as well :3

      Liked by 1 person

      • Don’t worry about it at all! I actually took a couple weeks off of blogging myself because of finals, and I’ve gone back to doing only one post a week (used to do two a week), so I totally understand.

        This is slightly different but along a similar line of thought – sometimes people mix me up with other people who wear headscarves, and I’m like NO we literally look nothing alike!

        Btw, I’m only mentioning it since I told you that I was planning to do it, but I did end up writing that body image post. It ended up being way more about my personal experiences than I intended, but I got pretty positive feedback on it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ooh how did you do for your finals?

        Haha that’s kind of absurd, associating every headscarf person to be an ‘Umbreen’ xD but I guess the scarf may cover some of your facial features? So maybe it becomes a little hard to differentiate? Idk haha

        OH, I’ve actually been doing a project on body image as well, trying to brainstorm for some creative initiatives to change mindset among Singaporeans. Definitely will give it a read once I reach home later!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ehh finals were okay. Not quite as good as I wanted but definitely not bad. Thanks for asking!

        OMG if we covered our faces I would totally understand but all of our faces are completely showing! And they’ll mix up our names and I can’t help but think, “That girl’s parents are Egyptian and mine are Indian; our ethnic backgrounds are completely different. How can you not see the physical difference between her face and my face?!” LOL anyway I try not to get too offended when that happens.

        That sounds like a really interesting post idea! And thanks, I hope you like the post. Just as a warning, it’s more on the serious side.

        Liked by 1 person

      • HAHA That’s a really significant difference lol so it’s basically them being derpy I guess

        LOL it’s not a post idea HAHA it’s just a school group project idea x) Oh i see, but I think serious posts convey messages better actually! Informal posts are more relaxing to read but sometimes they may deviate from their original objective or do not effectively encapsulate the point. Either way, you’re an awesome writer so I look forward to reading it later 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • In that case, it’s a good school group project idea. 🙂

        Well, I guess what I meant by “serious” was that I didn’t try to slip in any sarcasm like I usually do. It’s a lot more narrative than my usual kind of thing, and I wanted every word of it to be as genuine as possible. It was actually pretty difficult for me to write and share since it was so personal.

        Aww, thank you so much; I really appreciate that! 🙂


    • HELLO OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! I’m so sorry I’m currently on OCIP so I will get back to you once I return to Sg! Omg but you are rly awesome haha i dont have much time to post though but thanks hehe ^^


  4. Awesome post here! Nice to see a great selection of anime being referenced too (:
    Btw, the name here is Isaac Bernamont (despite me being English, Isaac is Hebrew for “laughter” and Bernamont is a French colloquialism for “A river at the Mountain”)

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