Cyber bullying. One might say it is a rite of passage, which everyone goes through.


Dear Cyber-Bully,

Let us start with you, a.k.a. the coward who hides behind the monitor and throw darts at the person you dislike. Whoever you are, you will most likely not look up the actual person in real life, and tell him/her “You Suck” in the face, even if he/she really do suck that badly. Instead, you send these simple messages with a direct intention to lower their self-esteem. In a sense, it is a form of self-indulgence where you simply want to bring others down and make yourself feel superior than them.

Kyoukai no Kanata kyoukai no kanata 3

But here’s the cold hard truth: When you press that “Send” button, you are actually admitting defeat, admitting that they are so much better than you, that you have to resort to such criticism to make yourself ‘feel’ superior. So in actuality, you are the loser! 😛

Yours truly,

Zyrogate Faine


Dear Victim of Cyber-Bullying,

Don’t you agree that these cyber bullies are utter fishmongers? I mean, they simply ‘selfish‘ for a living. I can’t stand their unpleasant and foul smell! Anyways, getting back to topic. I believe that the Internet has uncountable features that really benefit individuals. However, there is this one aspect of it I am ambivalent towards – anonymity. Using an anonymous guise, they can hate on you as much as they like, but you can never hate on them, because you do not know who they are. Of course, you can hate their ‘avatar’ as much as you would like, but they know the real you, while you have no idea their identity. In a way, it is an unrequited hate, am I right?

This idea of anonymity is expounded in these posts: Don’t Let Anonymity Make You A Mean Person states how we should not take advantage of anonymity to hurt others’ feelings. What It Means to be Colourless on the Streets of Ikebukuro describes how behind that anonymous avatar, there is an actual human being. Therefore, be it anons or friends, we should always respect their feelings.

Yours faithfully,

Zyrogate Faine


Dear Zyrogate Faine,

I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE. Everyday, anons send me questions and private messages, calling me names and insulting me! One of them even told me to go and die…

And so, I did. I drank bleach. I drank a lot of it. But my parents rushed into the room and sent me to the hospital in time. But then, the next day, I opened Facebook and I broke into tears. The post read: “She should try drinking a different type of bleach the next time.” I really feel like dying right now.

What should I do?

Yours sincerely,

Amanda Michelle Todd

cyber bullying 1

((This story is a true story. Amanda Todd was a victim of cyber bullying and committed suicide on the 10th October 2012. She posted a Youtube video before she died. Watch it here.))


Dear Amanda Todd and Fellow Victims,

We, as victims of cyberbullying, need to understand that the best solution is to ignore these comments. Yes, I know it is easier said than done, but you need to enforce the notion that what others think of you do not matter at all!

Nagi no Asukara nagiasu 14 nagiasu 12

Let them laugh all they want, say whatever they want, it is just for them to feel good about themselves. As long as you love yourself and your family, no one’s negative comments matter. The goal is to bring you down, and if you let that happen, you won’t win against the bullies! If you learn how to ignore what they say, you are a QUEEN. Because you, just don’t give a hoot about what they say. Haters gonna hate, but you just flick your hair at them, in their face. Their razor-edged darts stream towards you, but you dodge them gracefully as you dance around in your gorgeous scarlet dress and 4-inch high heels, busy doing the flamenco and stamping on the ground like no one’s business. Not only do the darts not affect you, the breezes they produce as they whiz past you, make you all the more magical as your dress sways in the wind. The silver tips of the darts shine like glittering stars revolving around you, reflecting the blinding light coming from the ceiling.

You are the SUN, in which the whole universe oscillate around you.

The largest and most significant star in the entire universe.

Because ain’t no darkness gonna dim your light, sun.

Because ain’t no hate gonna bring you down, son.

Cyber bullying is not going to stop any time soon, considering that the world is becoming ever more technological. So the only way is to ignore what they say. Be the one laughing at the bullies, and not the one crying. And trust me, it gets better 🙂


Zyrogate Faine


Cyber Bullying – Let’s Fight It Together


4 thoughts on “Cyber Bullying – Ignoring Is Bliss

  1. Hey, thanks for your post. I think this is something that really needs to be talked about. It’s an uncomfortable topic, but it really shouldn’t be something people shy away from discussing.

    I also wanted to add that if anybody reading this is going through a hard time and is thinking about ending it all, don’t. You are important. Every life is precious, including yours. If you need somebody to talk to, you can email me at, and I would be more than willing to listen to and talk about whatever you’re going through. Sometimes it’s easier to discuss your problems with somebody who is on the outside, and if you don’t feel comfortable seeing a professional therapist, I would be honored to be that somebody – that friend – for you.


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  2. Nice post. As a parent it is one of my worries and something I have discussed with my sons. To neither take the attacks from others and not to be the kind of person who does such things.So many of the people who bully online would never do or say these things in person: they are cowards who try to make themselves feel better about tearing another person down. Sad really. Thank you for the post.

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    • It is definitely understandable that one of your primary concerns regarding your child is cyberbullying.

      Anyone could be a potential victim of the ubiquitous media in today’s society. Therefore, we urgently need to curb this problem before it goes out of hand.

      Many parents simply dismiss this fact and assume that their child is fine. So, I really think that we need more parents like you, to not neglect this sensitive topic, and instead, go through with their children on what is the right course of action to take. It is crucial to ingrain this idea in them from young, so that they will not commit any wrongdoings in the future.

      Thankew so much for sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate it 🙂

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