Death Parade EP6: Are Fandoms Truly A Waste Of Time?

In our practical and results-oriented society, fandoms would be defined as meaningless and idle activities. As a fan, you accomplish nothing except gaining irrelevant information about the celebrity.

No profits generated,
But time has been wasted.

No knowledge gained,
But time has been neglected.

No achievement attained,
But time has been squandered.

No contribution to society,
But time is gone…

Why then are there still so much fandom around the world? This is because the concept of fandom is not as superficial as pointed out above. There are many indirect consequences of fandom that will significantly benefit the individual, which will hence, result in advantages for the society as well.

death parade 59

1) Fandoms bring people of similar interests together. With a common passion towards something, people have something to converse about and through interaction, they will get to understand more about one another. Even if both parties may be complete strangers, they will still be fawning over that wink their idol just did in the live concert. Therefore, fandoms also instill fans with a sense of community and belonging.

 death parade 70

2) Fandoms can increase happiness among fans. When life just sucks and causes you to feel down and depressed, your celebrity can simply cheer you up by singing you a song or even tweeting about his/her life. Due to their significant influence on fans, their actions, as insignificant as they may be, can entirely change an individual’s current state of emotion by 180 degrees.

death parade 64

Furthermore, not only the celebrity has an impact on the fans, the fandom community also has an effect. For a preponderance of fandoms, they have an online forum whereby they discuss about the latest happenings related to the celebrity. These forums tend to have an ‘Others‘ section, where it is open to anything completely unrelated to the celebrity. Here, fellow fans can encourage and motivate one another through difficult times. Therefore, due to this multi-prompt approach, fans tend to be less sad and upset.

Additionally, fandoms can alleviate medical conditions as well. For example, this girl was able to converse naturally due to Geek Culture despite Autism.

And even if certain medical conditions are incurable, at least they can raise one’s spirits! I learnt about this through the comments of a fellow aniblogger’s post, so credits to her 😀 Basically, the ending of One Piece was revealed to a child cancer patient, who was also a major fan of One Piece. Tragic but sweet :3

death parade 61 death parade 62 death parade 63

3) Not only is an individual defined by the unique DNA or fingerprint he/she possess, but he/she can also be identified through his/her distinctive set of characteristics.

For example, the set of special characteristics that make me who I am include:

See the last point? By being in a fandom, it adds one more layer of characteristics to a person. Just like uniforms, they provide another form of identification of the individual.

death parade 60

However, not only do the fans benefit from being in the fandom, the celebrity him/herself will also have a greater drive to continue what he/she is doing due to the incessant support from the fans. Thus, it is a two-way relationship where both parties assist each other in order to reach to greater heights.

death parade 65 death parade 66

In conclusion, I think that it was a FAN-ciful idea to display and explicitly describe celebrity-fan relationships. I hope that this anime continues to illustrate atypical and rarely seen interactions between people, instead of the overused couple scene. And I really like how there were so many plot TWISTs in this episode, similar to previous episodes. And I hope they include more CHA-rming guys and girls in the future episodes 😉

((LOL those 3 puns pretty much summarises the entire episode haha))

death parade 58

Anyways, thankew for reading! Share your opinions in the comment section below! :3

death parade 69


27 thoughts on ““Cross Heart Attack” – Celebrity Fandoms

  1. Helloooo leslie~ Thanks for the pingback! This is a very nice post, btw. But I wonder, if we were to go back in time (around 1800s?), what will be the equivalent for ‘fandoms’, and what is its nature? XD Just wondering, because today’s technology has definitely helped connecting people who share similar interests (which are also spread fast thru our technology, e.g. internet).

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    • Thanks 🙂 Well in my opinion, I believe that fandoms exist due to the prevalence of social media. Without media, we will not even know people outside of our physical social circle. So I think it’s a result from the development of technology and thus, could not have existed in the past (1800s).

      Having said that, I think maybe in those times, it would be very small-scale cliques supporting a local artiste, and everyone probably knows one another? Haha tbh I really have no idea


      • Haha yeah maybe someone with access to historical accounts can write about it.

        On a side note, as much as I support fandoms, I dislike how certain groups put down other celebrities. This is smth I really hope will change in the future and we can see fandoms coexist in harmony tgtr despite different interests 🙂


      • Some Kpop fandoms have actually showed that fandom friendship, though in most occasions, there still are fandom wars.

        What I hate the most are the obsessive fans who seem to always harass their idols. Think of sasaeng fans in Korea. I don’t approve of their methods, to be honest. Socially degrading, sexually harassing. Makes me look at them with scornful eyes.

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      • Yeah I guess as good as the fan-idol relationship may prove to be, there are some boundaries that should not be crossed. Those people are overly passionate that it just becomes ethically wrong. Maybe fellow fans can openly criticise these methods so as to discourage them from committing such indecent acts. But in the end, there’s nth we can rly do 😦 that’s the downside of being famous i guess. There are some ppl who are just downright screwed up

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      • What’s ironic is that these sasaeng fans are those who are usually the closest in proximity of their idols. While news of their unethical acts spread around the world, the distant fans (who can only watch from afar) are openly criticizing these people. So even if all of them claim to belong to the same fandom, there are
        ‘factions’ undeniably present at the same time. And it’s a sad fact, indeed, that there’s nothing we can do unless the people themselves change from within.

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  2. Great & insightful post! I agree with all of your points. People belonging to fandoms like us may not be rewarded financially, but we all agree that it rewards us emotionally. I’d rather blog about anime and be happy even without earning a single cent, than blog for money and resent it because of all the pressure of deadlines, etc.

    Keep up the great work and keep on blogging. Cheers!

    P.S. Thanks for the pingback to my ONE PIECE post about Oda-sensei & the child cancer patient.

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  3. Hello; randomly stumbled across your wordpress blog and discovered that you are also a Singaporean! 🙂 You really write insightfully; this was a really great post on fandom.

    I liked how this episode illustrated the two-way relationships between idols and their fans and how they are mutually dependent on each other; since you don’t get to see the idol-to-fan side shown often 🙂 Plus, its also true that if idols don’t treat their fans well, the fandom won’t actually be sustainable.

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    • YAY FELLOW SINGAPOREAN HELLO ^^ Haha thankew for your comment, I really appreciate it :3

      I really like the screencap where Harada grabbed Mayu hand to prevent her from falling. Imo, it is an extremely creative way to illustrate the connection between the idol and fan.

      And I totally agree with what you said. It takes two hands to clap. If one party doesn’t contribute, it will not work out and the relationship will inevitably collapse, similar to marriages. It’s only when love and feelings are corresponded, will the relationship be able to succeed and fluorish even further.

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      • Haha yay! Its rare to find Singaporeans on wordpress blogging about anime so I thought to myself that I needed to at least say hi if I see one :3

        That’s an interesting way of interpreting that screencap 🙂 precisely, that’s how fandom is supposed to work! I am glad that that appreciation by the idol was shown a lot here; and I really did like that unexpected ending; such a fresh way of ending an episode (and a rare happy ending in Death Parade) 🙂

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      • Well as much as I love fun and sweet endings… I AM SECRETLY A SADIST MUAHAHAHA I would love to see an episode where both individuals are sent to the void haha im sorry xD

        Nevertheless, i cant wait for next episode bc last week if I rmb correctly, Nona managed to persuade the woman to send two ‘high-class’ humans to Decim, so it should be a very good episode :3

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  4. HAHAHA I see :3 no matter, death parade is supposed to be a sadistic show anyway! xD i mean its about death and everything; it can’t be happy all the time LOL.

    Omg really! I don’t actually remember that part where she said that :p okay looking forward to it then! I love seeing the whole judging process and trying to think about whether Decim did judge everything fairly xD

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    • YES omg me too!! Just saying, I proclaim myself to be a better judge than Decim 😉 In episode 1, I knew that Machiko (wife) was lying in order to act as the ‘bad’ guy. But Decim couldn’t tell and sent her to the void, even though she had been faithful in her life.

      Haha i think that the actual arbiter isn’t Decim, but everyone of us who watches. The anime provides us with the flashbacks and memories, for us to judge the people our ownselves.

      Anyways, I think Decim will gradually learn more about humans, and improve as an arbiter 🙂

      Imo, best anime of the season :3

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      • HAHA in episode 1 I had my suspicions about Machiko as well xD well Decim is also imperfect even with human emotions so i guess it makes sense that he does make mistakes sometimes :3
        I agree that the role that Decim plays serves partly to allow the audience to put ourselves in his shoes and judge the people ourselves 🙂 though Decim is also an interesting character himself, and has his own views and principles I guess when it comes to judging people.

        Yeah I think he would learn more especially with the Nameless Girl by his side as his assistant 🙂 yeah this is really one of the best of the season haha, though i think a close contender would be Durarara!!x2 Shou, did you watch that? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yup I watch DRRR too! Personally, I like how DRRR shows many different perspectives of the same scene, and strings them all together. At first, I was quite annoyed at the start of Season 1, but then when the exciting part began, it changed my view entirely xD Season 2 is building up its story quite nicely and I can’t wait to see what Mikado will do in the next few episodes, he’s my fav char in the anime haha :3

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      • I think that disjointed narrative structure that DRRR adopts is really one of its best points! And when everything strings together there’s this very good feeling of satisfaction haha. I love the feeling of seeing one person’s action impacting another and then we as the audience are afforded the luxury to see where the chain of interactions end; something we don’t get to see in real life!

        Ooh Mikado’s your fav? That’s unique haha but honestly DRRR has so many fun characters lol; every one of them have their own special personality 😀 my fav’s Izaya, i like seeing him manipulate ppl, but he had more presence in the first season, now not so much >< but yeah the story's getting really exciting, can't wait!! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • SFLR!

        oooh Izaya I see xD his twisted personality is definitely quite likeable I agree ^^ hmm I think he will appear more in the second half when the conflicts and action will begin. and yup I think that DRRR has such a vibrant cast, and every character plays an equally significant role to the plot. In Season 1, I felt that the Russian sushi guy was quite useless HAHA FORGIVE ME XD but now they’re introducing literally a whole new world – the handful of Russian characters. To be frank, I was quite impressed.

        Omg and do you know that there’s an actual Dollars website? HAHA I didn’t think that people would actually make it, and so I only just found out.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Its okay! ^^
        Really??? If so, I can’t wait haha! I admit it gives me immense pleasure to see him trying to pull strings behind the scenes (and Namie’s sarcastic retorts at his actions) xD I totally agree! I wouldn’t be able to say who are the ‘main’ characters in DRRR, everybody is equally important because they all contribute to the plot; and that’s the essence of DRRR! i think. I don’t blame you – I thought the same way LOL because he wasn’t doing much in s1, but now i see he brought his gang into the picture somewhat xD

        HAHA I recently found out too! Via some people’s online episodic comments haha and the password is exactly like the one in the anime xD and even when you log in it looks exactly like the DRRR chatroom lmao its quite surreal (and quite cool xD)


      • ohh i see! I have only went in once HAHA I guess it’s really cool to have the exact similar website as in the anime, but I don’t really have a need to chat there? for me, there’s already MAL and wordpress lol i think maybe people there are really huge fans of DRRR? or perhaps they like the anonymity feature

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      • haha yeah i didn’t see a need to chat there too hehe 🙂 omg you use MAL too? you can find me on MAL if you want, i think i put my username in my Liebster award post 😀

        i think maybe its both xD otherwise it would be just some random chatroom and nobody would wanna stay there for long. or maybe ppl want to roleplay as DRRR characters there haha just guessing xD


      • omg people can like re-enact the entire anime HAHAHA and make it a real-life parody lol that would honestly be so cool but requires so much effort lol

        yup sure! my username’s zyrogatefaine if you want to look my profile and anime list up 🙂

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