Grave of the Fireflies and the State of the World

Beneath the Tangles

I was reminded of Grave of the Fireflies, one of the first anime films I ever watched, when Mark recently posted about his love for Studio Ghibli.  He remarked that the movie “creeped him out.”  For me, it was just massively depressing, especially because of it’s haunting basis in truth.  I think about rewatching it often, but I can never get up the muster to do so.

grave 1Fruit Drops by turtle-rn | used with permission

The suffering of children is something that really hits me.  You of course don’t have to be a parent to feel this way, but I know being a father is what led me to feel more deeply about tragic stories involving kids.  It’s hard not to think about the innocence of your own children and how unforgivable it is when someone would take that away and even do worse.

Of course…

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