Death Parade EP5: ‘The Spider’s Thread’ and Decim’s Affair

A young boy and a bespectacled man walk into a bar…

The boy underwent metamorphosis and changed into a makeup-less Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter), while the man underwent decomposition and changed into a lifeless dummy. How wonderful!

death parade 53

Oh, you were expecting a bar joke? I’m sorry…

Well, how about another joke? Death Parade Episode 5, the part where Decim literally reads out the entire freaking story of ‘The Spider’s Thread‘. Yup, that’s the joke. What? You don’t get why it’s a joke? Sigh… I guess I shall explain to you why that scene was so inappropriate and excessive.

Coincidentally by the way, I have stumbled across this story in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun before, did a lot of research and had wrote an Anime High School post on it before.

Link{AHS Lesson 6} The Spider’s Thread 

Basically, I disliked how the story of ‘The Spider’s Thread‘ was used to achieve a cool method of subduing the guy. The entire purpose of the whole storytelling was so that Decim could indirectly refer to the subtlety of his string powers: how his strings remain unnoticeable, as compared to how Buddha was so myopic to lower a string that all the other criminals could see.

death parade 54 death parade 55

That’s it. That was all the anime was going for. The contents of ‘The Spider’s Thread’, like the idea of redemption and forgiveness, was TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to the episode.

So my question is: Why mention the story for insignificant purposes?

At first, I was extremely excited upon seeing the literary reference in anime again, because it was something that I actually know about. When Decim started to read the entire story aloud, I was bursting with joy, because my most favourite anime is going to use a literary reference as an analogy to the entire plot. Having spent 1-2 minutes of screen time describing the story, I was absolutely certain that it would play a major role in the context of Death Parade.

In fact, I predicted it to be off-the-charts; hugely mind-blowing, whereby the bespectacled man had actually died in the past already and was sent to the void, but had come back to be judged again, in hope for a lighter sentence. This would prove to be a significant revelation to the plot, as it would mean that being sent to the void is actually not the end of the world, but is similar to a jail sentence, in which a person can change his circumstances through the acknowledgement of his sins and the desire to turn over a new leaf.

But NOPE. The anime didn’t do any of that. Instead, all it accomplished was showing off how slick Decim powers are – that he can control a stealthy flow of strings. WOW I AM SO IMPRESSED WOAHHHH SENSE MY FREAKING SARCASM

And the infuriating thing is that, the exact same thing happened in Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun as well. ARGH D:< I don’t get it why certain anime uses literary references to link to such insignificant things. This legend, like many other stories, are very fascinating and well-done. All of them may be short, but they have a point to be proven; a message to be conveyed. However, one of them decided to use it to talk about how pretty a girl’s hair is, and the other decided to use it to state how silly Buddha in the story was, for not using an unnoticeable thread.

I’m sorry, but can the anime industry initiate a rule, where a fine of $1,000 is imposed on the producers of the anime, WHENEVER THEY RUIN A GOOD LITERARY WORK LIKE THIS? I honestly don’t think it’s fair.


And that is the end of my rant! For your information, I love Death Parade, and in my opinion, it’s the anime of the season, but I just absolutely hated this particular scene.

Talking about ‘absolutely‘, the use of absolute terms in this episode has been quite strong.

death parade 45 death parade 46

I believe that this is foreshadowing. By using absolute terms, the anime is begging for these facts to be challenged.  Thus, there will come a time, when a human will indeed have no memories, and hence, cannot be judged, as “a person’s memories are absolutely imperative“. And my guess is that, this human will be Jimmy and the black-haired woman (Decim’s assistant) is Chavvot.

death parade 48

Also, having a name called Oculus, I think that the old guy is a messenger from God, aka God’s Eye. My interpretation is that, he is attempting to take over the role of manager from Nona (white-haired girl). Under Nona, it is reincarnation versus void. But if God takes over, I believe that the system will change and it will become Heaven versus Hell. And assuming all these baseless assumptions are true, this can be interpreted as a clash of different religions, namely, Buddhism and Christianity.

But these are all just predictions and guesses. However, one thing’s for sure!

Decim is having an affair, and Ginty is not very happy with that ;)

Decim is having an affair, and Ginty is not very happy with that 😉 SHIP

Thankew for reading! Share your opinions in the comment section below! ^^


3 thoughts on ““Death March” – How To Screw Up A Good Episode

  1. It’s interesting that you thought of someone coming back from the void, while I thought that maybe someone shady got sent back to life and ended up back here again. I’m not sure if the void people can ever come back, since the other one deals with reincarnation if I remember correctly.

    I don’t know if we’ll get a heaven vs. hell type thing here, only because coming back to life is part of the deal here. ‘Heaven’ seems to be coming back to life on earth, so if your theory pans out would that mean Earth vs. Hell?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmm as in like currently the system is Reincarnation VS Void. So, I was wondering, if the old guy manages to ‘defeat’ Nona and take over her role as manager of arbiters, will this system change? But idk there’s still too little info for now I think :/ Haha and I’m really looking forward to seeing Ginti judge next week ^^

      Liked by 1 person

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