Death Parade EP3: Unrequited Love and Plastic Surgery

Personally, I would have preferred if all the titles started with “Death” because a uniform set of titles is generally quite appealing, just like in Amagi Brilliant Park.

death parade 13 death parade 14

Anyways, the episode entirely focused on a story of unrequited love. And I really liked the symbolism of ‘looking‘ throughout the episode. I must confess: I look at my crush a lot. I simply find my crush really compelling. And I believe this goes the same for many other people! As a result, it is really devastating if your crush doesn’t even look at you, much less, pay attention to you. ((NOTICE ME, SHIGERU-KUN))

death parade 18

The episode also displayed what extremities people may take, in order to make their crush fall for them – changing their physical identity. Personally, I disapprove of plastic surgery as a panacea to any problem. It is the worst option ever, because it shows that even you hate your own self. By removing your features, you are explicitly dismissing yourself; abandoning yourself. And that was why Mai thought she was Chisato at the beginning – because she had lost sight of who she truly was; she had lost herself.

The theme present here is Appearance vs Character, which is similar to this post I’ve written before: Fat or Thin, Ignore What People Think. I didn’t like how Shigeru was such a shallow person, because he ignored Mai, despite being childhood friend. But neither was Mai correct in attempting to change her appearance, and be someone she wasn’t.  Everyone is unique in their own way, and we should retain these idiosyncrasies of ours.

death parade 17

I came across quite a wise observation, pointed out by Ramen Soup Reviews. “The carefree and casual nature of the game may also be reflective of the players’ relationship with one another.” This may be true, considering what happened in Episode 1. At the same time, this may not be true, because as seen in Death Billiards (Movie of Death Parade), some participants are strangers to one another, thus there is no relationship in the first place. Either way, let’s stay tune to find out! ^^

death parade 15

And also, some food for thought: Even if there wasn’t any other people in the bus, there should be at least the bus driver, right? So why was it so coincident that Shigeru and Chisato were the two that got sent to Quindecim, even though Decim has stated that people who die simultaneously are sent there? This could be simply by chance, and it’s not really a significant issue in the least. But I just felt that it was worth pointing out.

death parade 16

Anyways, this was an extremely sweet episode, especially the end. But as much as I enjoyed it, I want to see a greater variety of characters, instead of solely couples.

Thankew for reading! Share your opinions in the comment section below! ^^


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