Death Parade EP2: Altruism and Fear

So I guess I was correct in my predictions, and Decim made a wrong judgement. “To err is human”, but of course in this case, the reason why Decim erred was because he wasn’t human. Humans are altruistic creatures by nature, and non-human beings seem to have a difficult time comprehending this. Altruism has also been consistently reflected in Parasyte as well.

kiseijuu 20 kiseijuu 21

“To err is human”, but I believe “To step forward despite fear is also human”. A majority of animals experience fear, but it is humans that can control their actions when faced with fear. We have the intelligence to evaluate the best course of action to take in order to deal with that fear.

What do you think is the strongest motivation for all humans?

(A) Love
(B) Food
(C) Money

In my opinion, it is (D): The Fear of Dying. It is because we have such a limited period of time to accomplish all the change we want to effect in the world, that we feel compelled to value time and seize opportunities whenever they appear. Due to this ticking time bomb, we treasure our family and friends because we never know when we will no longer see them.

Every one wants to live; No one wants to die.
All will do all it takes to not bid the final goodbye.

death parade 11 death parade 12

Overall, it was a really good decision to start the anime with such a bang. Despite being a behind-the-scenes and recap of last week’s episode, it was a relatively insightful episode with many different pointers to take home.

Evaluation on Episodes 3 and 4 are coming in soon!  Thankew for reading! ^^


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