Death Parade EP4: 2nd Chance and Start Doing What You Have Not Done

I can’t believe the otaku Yousuke committed suicide. What about all the seasonal anime that are airing?

Wow, this was so much more controversial than any of the previous episodes. So, we finally have 2 complete strangers as the participants, similar to Death Billiards. I have a lot of opinions for this episode, but I’m pretty much going to be looking at both sides of the story.


1) Team Void

This perspective argues that both parties deserve to be sent to the void. It focuses more on their lives, especially the actions that they took.

Yousuke: Committing suicide is a mortal sin. Why is this so? First and foremost, he gave up the precious life that has been bestowed upon you. He is able to continue living his life, as compared to the thousands of innocent victims due to natural disasters or terrorism, thus he is not treasuring his life, and does not deserve to attain a second chance at life. He is just a NEET anyways, so who cares whether he dies or lives.

death parade 29

Misaki: Even though she was underage, she gave in to temptation and had underage sex and pregnancy. Furthermore, even though she had children already, she continued to flirt with others, and once again, had sex with other guys, resulting in more children. From this, I can conclude that Misaki did not think about the ramifications of sleeping around and did not place the welfare of her children before her own pleasure. Also, she slapped her assistant even though it was just a minor mistake, which was really horrendous of her.

death parade 30


2) Team Reincarnation

This perspective argues that both parties deserve to be reincarnated. It focuses more on the ending, especially the remorse of both parties in Quindecim.

Yousuke: He has realised how suicide was not a solution to his depression, and expressed regret of his actions. Also, he has finally understood how much his step-mother loves him, and so, he will begin to accept his step-mother more, if given a second chance in life.

death parade 28

Misaki: At the end of the game, she was really concerned about her children and was really indignant about her death. Also, during the flashback of her death, she seemed really nice and caring when talking to her children on the phone. In Death Billiards, the young guy physically assaulted the old man but still went to reincarnation in the end, so following this rule, Misaki should not be sent to the void because of that. Plus, Misaki was really apologetic after committing the assault, and she did not rush to finish the game immediately. This shows that she was genuinely concerned for Yousuke, and wasn’t thinking only about herself.

death parade 27


3) Team Leslie: My Conclusion

In my opinion, we should not look at the two extremities, but consider everything that happened as a whole. We should identify every aspect and weigh all of them together, before deciding on something.

Although the both of them had committed sins in their lives, they had expressed remorse and a desire to change. It is interpreted that if they are given a second chance, Yousuke will start acknowledging his step-mother, while Misaki will begin to flourish her children with even more love and care. Therefore, for me, I support Team Reincarnation but they must not repeat the wrongdoings they had done in this life.

death parade 26

In Singapore, we have this community initiative called the Yellow Ribbon Project, which started in 2004. Aimed at reintegrating ex-prisoners into society, it advocates a second chance for ex-offenders and their families through concerted efforts. Undoubtedly, it is dangerous to let people, who had harmed others before, loose in the society. But is it fair for us to avoid that risk and lock them up forever? I believe that with deep reflection upon their actions, ex-offenders can turn over a new leaf and become normal people once more.

But do we have to go to jail before realising our mistakes? Do we have to lose our lives before we are determined to change? No. We should start now. So think about what you have done wrong so far, and start doing it correctly!

If you are neglecting your family and friends, start caring for them.

If you are disregarding your studies, start working to achieve decent results.

If you are forsaking your health, start eating a balanced diet every single day.

Don’t wait until its too late. Start Today, Start Now!

Thankew for reading! ^^ Share your opinions in the comment section below!


death parade 24

P.S. An interesting theory I came across was that the damage the special attacks inflicted correspond to the amount of love. If this is true, it could possibly mean that Yousuke’s step-mother really love Yousuku, whereas Misaki’s children do not love her much at all. This is merely some food for thought 😀



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