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This screencap was an allusion to King Midas, which is quite a significant figure in Greek Mythology. Thus, this post will be a reflection on his actions and the consequences of greed.

So, who is King Midas? Does the term “golden touch” ring a bell?

One Piece

Tell me if you got that pun!

Did you get the pun?! XD

Once upon a time, the satyr Silenus was drunk and got carried by some Phrygian peasants to their king, Midas. Midas flourished him with sumptuous food and accommodation, entertaining him for several days with stories and performances.

When Midas brought Silenus back to Dionysus in Lydia, Dionysus offered Midas a choice of whatever reward he desired. Midas asked to give him the ability to turn anything he touches into gold. On the way home, he decided to test his powers out by touching a tree branch. Miraculously, it turned to gold!

Student (Rachel): But what about food?

That is a very clever observation! Turning everything he touches into gold, Midas was totally unable to eat nor drink. As a result, he started to suffer from starvation. What seemed like a blessing at first, turned out to be a horrible curse! But the most dreadful thing was when he accidentally touched his daughter. Oops, we all can guess what happened next…

Fairy Tail



All in all, this story is not implying that desire for wealth is erroneous. Wanting money is natural since we live in a world that essentially revolves around money. This need is further amplified by the rising costs of living, inflation, increasing dependency on economically-active people.

However, all I am saying is that we should not be blinded by greed. Our actions and principles should not be oriented around selfish desires, such as avarice and materialism. For the case of King Midas, he was too focused on achieving material success, that he disregarded the possible ramifications that could have arose from it. Through our pursuit for money, we should still pay attention to everything else, because affluence is really not that important. Don’t believe me? Well, at least I know King Midas wasn’t happy at all, even with all his excessive opulence.

And along this note of supernatural powers, I’d like to point out that even with the best superpowers, like the ability to create anything you imagine, or temporal manipulation, or the potential to restore something to its original form, people will still face difficulties trying to solve basic problems about friendship and love. Therefore, in my opinion, coveting power, fame, wealth, etc, is really irrelevant in today’s society because there are countless of things that mere money cannot overcome.

Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de
inou battle 31

In conclusion, greed begets greed, and one will always be unsatisfied with one’s current financial state. If we can learn to acknowledge the insignificance of opulence in our lives and focus on our own ideals, the world will be a much more charitable place 🙂

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