Death Parade EP1: To Lie is To Love

I rarely do reviews/summaries, but THIS ANIME IS SO CONTROVERSIAL! As in for Episode 1, the outcomes were revealed at the end, but I actually don’t agree with it… Either way, this may actually become one of my Top 10 Anime.

So basically, there is this couple who has already died, but are sent to Quindecim to play a game, and to be judged whether to be sent to Heaven or Hell. The game chosen is darts, but the twist is that different parts of the board are linked to the opponent’s body parts. So by hitting the part of the board that displays the “stomach”, pain will similarly be inflicted to the other player’s stomach.

At first, because the consequences of winning and losing are not mentioned, the husband gets afraid of losing and thus, accidentally shoots at the ‘shoulder’. Because of the pain, the woman stumbles and hits ‘both of the guy’s eyes’. At this point, they have become suspicious of each other. But then, the woman mentions: not to hit her belly.

death parade 1

It is unknown whether she has a baby or not. However, due to a phenomenon called Confirmation Bias, which I have wrote about in one of my previous post, the man believes her. When he says, “At last, I’m going to be a father.”, the man displayed a strong desire to be a father. Due to this desire, he selects memories and information that will corroborate this statement, even if it may just be a lie.

death parade 2 death parade 3 death parade 4 death parade 5

Nonetheless, that’s not the main point. The important mystery is whether the woman truly loves the man or not. After that conversation, the man becomes thankful for his wife and decides to miss the board. But plot twists always come in groups. He recalled that before their wedding, two women were conversing about how “Matchy” is such a player and that her husband is a handsome doctor. In my opinion, the conversation doesn’t refer to him and Machiko. This is because… THE GUY ISN’T HANDSOME AT ALL!

death parade 6

Jokes aside, there are two points that seem weird. Firstly, one of the girls said, “That was a nice ceremony, huh.” Past Tense = Already Happened. But then, the man said the he couldn’t bring himself to stop the ceremonies. Thus, their wedding hadn’t occurred yet. Okay, maybe this was all just a mistake with the grammar. Fine, let’s ignore this and move on.

So, her husband accuses her of an affair. She then explains to her husband that it is in fact about Machida Yuki and not her. If she indeed fabricated this Machida Yuki girl, how was she able to come up with so much details on the spot?

After much happenings, Machiko walks away and grins a little. She then ‘admits’ that she indeed has an affair.

death parade 7death parade 8

But here’s the thing. In the scenes above, she is seen wiping away her tears.

Let’s put ourselves in her shoes for a moment.

Her husband was agonised at the fact that they have died, and desperately pleaded Decim to do something and help them. As his wife, she cannot bear to see how much her husband is suffering. She understands that, having come to this place, their afterlife sentence will be judged accordingly. One will have a better end, the other will have a worse end. Thus, seeing her husband as he is, she decides to act as the ‘villain’ in order for her husband to receive the better judgement.

Calling her a crocodile would be absolutely cruel, because her tears are as genuine as her soul. She is a really noble person; sacrificing herself in order to provide a better standard of afterliving for her husband. Even Decim himself, who technically knows everything, was taken aback by that selfless lie Machiko just told.

At the end, I didn’t like how the anime revealed who went where, and I also didn’t understand why Machiko was sent to the void. But either way, we can also guess whether reincarnation or the void is a better judgement.

death parade 9

tl;dr Machiko faked the affair and sacrificed herself for her husband, out of true love.

I really like this kind of anime; ones that make you think. Opening totally inappropriate though; not fitting at all. Ending song quite nice 🙂

For Machiko VS “the guy without name and totally doesn’t look handsome at all”, I will continue to uphold to this theory of mine.

But this is just my opinion after all! What’s your interpretation?

Anyways, thanks for reading! ^^


6 thoughts on ““Death Seven Darts” – True Love

  1. I’m not sure if the Void is actually a bad place, so even though it seems like she got the short end of the stick she may have ended up in a better place than her husband.

    I didn’t think they’d reveal where the couple ended up though, since in Death Billiards (the prequel to this) Decim said that he couldn’t reveal where they went.

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    • Yeah and I didn’t like that too. I’d prefer the ending to be left open for everyone to discuss. But yep, no one knows which place is better, so we’ll have to see upcoming episodes in order to understand better! 🙂


  2. In Hinduism, samsara is the concept of reincarnation. Due to karma, one is continuously returned to the cycle of death and rebirth. However, the ultimate goal is to break away from the cycle of reincarnation and to achieve moksha. As seen from her flashback, Machiko cheated at some point in her life. However, the revelation of her actions also sets her free from her guilt. This sense of release allowed her to achieve emptiness or moksha. Be it anger, hatred, grief, or attachment towards Machiko, Takashi’s soul was sent for reincarnation solely on the fact that he was unable to liberate self. The masks could be a misnomer to play on our perception of good and of evil. Perhaps there is no ‘better’ or ‘worse’ ending, but of one that is mu.

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    • Wow my friend, you are very wise! And now that I think about it, maybe it doesn’t matter where you get sent to. What’s most important is whether you can accept yourself and accept your death, die and move on to the afterlife without any regrets. Otherwise, no matter where you go, the longing to live again will torment you forever. Thanks for providing this insight!


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