“Death Arcade” – Reflect on Your Mistakes

Death Parade EP4: 2nd Chance and Start Doing What You Have Not Done

I can’t believe the otaku Yousuke committed suicide. What about all the seasonal anime that are airing?

Wow, this was so much more controversial than any of the previous episodes. So, we finally have 2 complete strangers as the participants, similar to Death Billiards. I have a lot of opinions for this episode, but I’m pretty much going to be looking at both sides of the story.


1) Team Void

This perspective argues that both parties deserve to be sent to the void. It focuses more on their lives, especially the actions that they took.

Yousuke: Committing suicide is a mortal sin. Why is this so? First and foremost, he gave up the precious life that has been bestowed upon you. He is able to continue living his life, as compared to the thousands of innocent victims due to natural disasters or terrorism, thus he is not treasuring his life, and does not deserve to attain a second chance at life. He is just a NEET anyways, so who cares whether he dies or lives.

death parade 29

Misaki: Even though she was underage, she gave in to temptation and had underage sex and pregnancy. Furthermore, even though she had children already, she continued to flirt with others, and once again, had sex with other guys, resulting in more children. From this, I can conclude that Misaki did not think about the ramifications of sleeping around and did not place the welfare of her children before her own pleasure. Also, she slapped her assistant even though it was just a minor mistake, which was really horrendous of her.

death parade 30


2) Team Reincarnation

This perspective argues that both parties deserve to be reincarnated. It focuses more on the ending, especially the remorse of both parties in Quindecim.

Yousuke: He has realised how suicide was not a solution to his depression, and expressed regret of his actions. Also, he has finally understood how much his step-mother loves him, and so, he will begin to accept his step-mother more, if given a second chance in life.

death parade 28

Misaki: At the end of the game, she was really concerned about her children and was really indignant about her death. Also, during the flashback of her death, she seemed really nice and caring when talking to her children on the phone. In Death Billiards, the young guy physically assaulted the old man but still went to reincarnation in the end, so following this rule, Misaki should not be sent to the void because of that. Plus, Misaki was really apologetic after committing the assault, and she did not rush to finish the game immediately. This shows that she was genuinely concerned for Yousuke, and wasn’t thinking only about herself.

death parade 27


3) Team Leslie: My Conclusion

In my opinion, we should not look at the two extremities, but consider everything that happened as a whole. We should identify every aspect and weigh all of them together, before deciding on something.

Although the both of them had committed sins in their lives, they had expressed remorse and a desire to change. It is interpreted that if they are given a second chance, Yousuke will start acknowledging his step-mother, while Misaki will begin to flourish her children with even more love and care. Therefore, for me, I support Team Reincarnation but they must not repeat the wrongdoings they had done in this life.

death parade 26

In Singapore, we have this community initiative called the Yellow Ribbon Project, which started in 2004. Aimed at reintegrating ex-prisoners into society, it advocates a second chance for ex-offenders and their families through concerted efforts. Undoubtedly, it is dangerous to let people, who had harmed others before, loose in the society. But is it fair for us to avoid that risk and lock them up forever? I believe that with deep reflection upon their actions, ex-offenders can turn over a new leaf and become normal people once more.

But do we have to go to jail before realising our mistakes? Do we have to lose our lives before we are determined to change? No. We should start now. So think about what you have done wrong so far, and start doing it correctly!

If you are neglecting your family and friends, start caring for them.

If you are disregarding your studies, start working to achieve decent results.

If you are forsaking your health, start eating a balanced diet every single day.

Don’t wait until its too late. Start Today, Start Now!

Thankew for reading! ^^ Share your opinions in the comment section below!


death parade 24

P.S. An interesting theory I came across was that the damage the special attacks inflicted correspond to the amount of love. If this is true, it could possibly mean that Yousuke’s step-mother really love Yousuku, whereas Misaki’s children do not love her much at all. This is merely some food for thought 😀


“Rolling Ballade” – Losing Your Identity

Death Parade EP3: Unrequited Love and Plastic Surgery

Personally, I would have preferred if all the titles started with “Death” because a uniform set of titles is generally quite appealing, just like in Amagi Brilliant Park.

death parade 13 death parade 14

Anyways, the episode entirely focused on a story of unrequited love. And I really liked the symbolism of ‘looking‘ throughout the episode. I must confess: I look at my crush a lot. I simply find my crush really compelling. And I believe this goes the same for many other people! As a result, it is really devastating if your crush doesn’t even look at you, much less, pay attention to you. ((NOTICE ME, SHIGERU-KUN))

death parade 18

The episode also displayed what extremities people may take, in order to make their crush fall for them – changing their physical identity. Personally, I disapprove of plastic surgery as a panacea to any problem. It is the worst option ever, because it shows that even you hate your own self. By removing your features, you are explicitly dismissing yourself; abandoning yourself. And that was why Mai thought she was Chisato at the beginning – because she had lost sight of who she truly was; she had lost herself.

The theme present here is Appearance vs Character, which is similar to this post I’ve written before: Fat or Thin, Ignore What People Think. I didn’t like how Shigeru was such a shallow person, because he ignored Mai, despite being childhood friend. But neither was Mai correct in attempting to change her appearance, and be someone she wasn’t.  Everyone is unique in their own way, and we should retain these idiosyncrasies of ours.

death parade 17

I came across quite a wise observation, pointed out by Ramen Soup Reviews. “The carefree and casual nature of the game may also be reflective of the players’ relationship with one another.” This may be true, considering what happened in Episode 1. At the same time, this may not be true, because as seen in Death Billiards (Movie of Death Parade), some participants are strangers to one another, thus there is no relationship in the first place. Either way, let’s stay tune to find out! ^^

death parade 15

And also, some food for thought: Even if there wasn’t any other people in the bus, there should be at least the bus driver, right? So why was it so coincident that Shigeru and Chisato were the two that got sent to Quindecim, even though Decim has stated that people who die simultaneously are sent there? This could be simply by chance, and it’s not really a significant issue in the least. But I just felt that it was worth pointing out.

death parade 16

Anyways, this was an extremely sweet episode, especially the end. But as much as I enjoyed it, I want to see a greater variety of characters, instead of solely couples.

Thankew for reading! Share your opinions in the comment section below! ^^

“Death Reverse” – Human Nature

Death Parade EP2: Altruism and Fear

So I guess I was correct in my predictions, and Decim made a wrong judgement. “To err is human”, but of course in this case, the reason why Decim erred was because he wasn’t human. Humans are altruistic creatures by nature, and non-human beings seem to have a difficult time comprehending this. Altruism has also been consistently reflected in Parasyte as well.

kiseijuu 20 kiseijuu 21

“To err is human”, but I believe “To step forward despite fear is also human”. A majority of animals experience fear, but it is humans that can control their actions when faced with fear. We have the intelligence to evaluate the best course of action to take in order to deal with that fear.

What do you think is the strongest motivation for all humans?

(A) Love
(B) Food
(C) Money

In my opinion, it is (D): The Fear of Dying. It is because we have such a limited period of time to accomplish all the change we want to effect in the world, that we feel compelled to value time and seize opportunities whenever they appear. Due to this ticking time bomb, we treasure our family and friends because we never know when we will no longer see them.

Every one wants to live; No one wants to die.
All will do all it takes to not bid the final goodbye.

death parade 11 death parade 12

Overall, it was a really good decision to start the anime with such a bang. Despite being a behind-the-scenes and recap of last week’s episode, it was a relatively insightful episode with many different pointers to take home.

Evaluation on Episodes 3 and 4 are coming in soon!  Thankew for reading! ^^

Miss Life & Madam Death

{DxM X}

Life is a characteristic distinguishing physical entities having biological processes from those that do not.

Death is the termination of all biological functions that sustain a living organism.

Life and Death may simply be phenomena, natural processes.

But for all you know, Life and Death could be humans as well, just like us…

Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
fate stay night 4 fate stay night 5

Personification is one of the most commonly used and recognized literary devices. It refers to the practice of attaching human traits and characteristics with inanimate objects, phenomena and animals. Some examples include: “dancing flowers“, “raging storm“, “penetrative glare“…

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis
shingeki no bahamut 1

Mind you, Death is actually a great kisser. It has a lot of experience with kissing people with her gigantic lips. But her kisses vary. Sometimes, it could be a peck on your cheek; sometimes it could be an violent French kiss. And also, Death is a very possessive person. Once you kiss Death and establish a relationship with her, you can never kiss anyone ever again. So think twice about kissing Death.

Many a times, Life may be a bitch and cheat on you, throwing obstacles in your way and messing you up. But never give up on Life, because she’s much better than Death. Persevere and do your best to overcome the obstacles and win her heart back, only then will you succeed in Life. Divorcing Life and turning to Death may seem a tempting panacea to all your problems, but trust me, not only does Death take away your pain, she snatches away all your happiness and freedom as well.

Life is precious
Life is valuable
Cherish Life; never lose her.
Treasure Life; never forsake her.

Thanks for reading!

Duel to Death in Dry Desert Dunes

{DxM IX}

Did that title make you feel curious to read this post?

Well, that’s because catching the reader’s attention is after all, its intended purpose. These phrases with two or more words that start with the same letter or consonant, are called alliterations. Alliterations are often used to add character to the writing and include an element of ‘fun’ to the piece.

In order to achieve an uplifting tone, Fairy Tail once used an alliteration for one of the episode titles. It not only summarises the episode, but makes it appealing and intriguing for the viewers too.

Fairy Tail (2014)
fairy tail 69

Alliterations are sometimes used to emphasize certain words too.

For the example below,

  • little” refers to how insignificant Juvia is, surrounded by a vast empty desert
  • lost” implies a sense of despair and the loss of Juvia’s rationality
  • lamb” is an animal commonly associated with cuteness and innocence. However, in this scenario, the lamb symbolises prey, for Juvia is being hunted down by the predator, Aries.

Combining the significance of all three words, we can draw a clear relationship between Aries and Juvia: strong VS weak.

fairy tail 70

Many rap songs today contain many alliterations as well. There’s this rap verse on alliterations that start with the letter ‘L’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmYVb0e-dXI

Most of the times, alliterations bring ‘fun’ to the table, but take away grammar and accuracy as well. Firstly, the alliteration may not be able to include many conjunctions, like “and”, “although”… Also, words of similar meanings have different extent, for example, ‘happy’ and ‘overjoyed’. In order to construct an alliterations, authors sometimes substitute the most precise word, for a word that begins with the same letter. However, this substituted word may not be able to fully bring out the most precise and appropriate meaning. This is one of the major drawbacks of using an alliteration.

Thanks for taking the time to think through this terribly tedious text that I took thirty minutes typing, TEEHEE!

P.S. This is the first out of the seven posts in A Week of Literary Devices. Look forward to the upcoming six others!