{DxM VI}

This was actually the funniest part of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun for me.

For some backstory, Shizuku was assigned to pass some notes to Haru, who had been expelled from school due to his involvement in a fight. As they meet for the first time, Shizuku is startled by Haru’s atypical behaviour.

The next day, the teacher pleads Shizuku to convince Haru to come back to school. After much discussion, the teachers have understood that Haru was not entirely at fault, but they are also too fearful of Haru, who may take out his anger on them. However, Shizuku is also not keen on meeting Haru, and as a result, she refuses to do it.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun tonari 1 tonari 2 tonari 3 tonari 4

The literary device used here is a metaphor. Here, the teacher is attributing the characteristic of a blizzard to Shizuku, implying that she is a very cold person. Of course, it does not mean it literally, but that her personality is unfriendly and unsympathetic to the teacher’s plight.

Although it is not directly spoken out, the intended meaning is clearly brought out and understood, allowing the humour to be fluently conveyed.

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If you have noticed, metaphors and allegories are quite similar in meaning. Both literary devices link two different objects together. However, there is actually a stark difference between the two. Metaphors compare two tangible objects and draw a similar characteristic. On the other hand, allegories attempt to describe and explain an abstract or intangible entity, using a common and easily understandable concept.

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Anyways, I have been watching quite a number of anime recently and there are a huge pile of screencaps with various literary devices, so if it is a repeated one and I don’t have much to talk about it, I’ll most probably just add it to the ‘Literary Devices’ page. That will be more types of literary devices coming soon!

On a side note, Merry Christmas! ^^


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