Anime Festival Asia (AFA) was held in Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, on the 5th to 7th of December 2014.

Entry Price to Exhibition was $13 so I only went on the first day. I was hoping that most of the items would still have plenty of stock, but many things, like Kano’s jacket and Law’s T-shirt did not have S sizes already, which really really sucked.

Literally everything there were posters and badges. To be honest, I find them completely useless, especially posters, because you can’t bring them around and can only paste at home. And then, the badges had mostly chibi designs, which is not really my taste, so it was quite hard finding what I wanted.

Altogether I spent less than $100, but mostly it was because of the two shirts I bought. I really wanted some nice anime t-shirts for quite a long time. I bought a poster only because it’s Haikyuu! and it says “Never Give Up”

Free Bag

badge 2badge 3 badge 1 badge 4

notebook 1 notebook 2


shirt 1 shirt 2

There was also a nikoniko concert. Special guest singers include Amatsuki, Kashitaro, Root Five and Miume.

nikoniko 1 nikoniko 2 nikoniko 3 nikoniko 4


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