For context, Lenessia is the princess of the Eastal region, and has stayed in the castle for most of her life. As a result, she was quite ignorant about the happenings of the world. After meeting adventures, she realised that she did not know many of their customs, and could not understand some of their behaviours. And so, Lenessia uses a metaphor to describe herself.

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Metaphors utilises a comparison of two unlike elements and drawing out a similar trait that both entities possess. In this example, Lenessia is comparing herself to a ‘bird in a cage‘. I am pretty sure everyone is able to visualise this image and understand its meaning. However, there are many aspects to this idiom, and so, let’s break down this phrase. Of course, we’ll only focus on birds that fly in the sky.

1) Caging a bird limits the value of its life. One major characteristic of birds is their wings, which give them the ability to fly. Flying is the main form of transportation for birds. By enclosing them, their ability to fly is restricted. For humans, walking is fundamental to reaching any destination. If our ability to walk is removed, we are unable to do almost anything, which in turn, diminishes the value of our existence. Going by the same logic, a caged bird is as worthless as a pretty decoration, because it is unable to do what it is supposed to do – to fly.

2) Caging a bird limits its freedom of movement and lifestyle. Birds have the ability to fly freely in the sky. But when trapped, they would become unable to do this. Their freedom to move freely is hence, forcefully taken away from them. Caged birds are also unable to eat and drink whenever they want to. Thus, they are deprived of the freedom to lead their own lives.

3) Caging a bird limits its knowledge and exposure to the world. Similar to Lenessia’s case, a caged bird will only be able to see the things occurring in its immediate surrounding, even though events are happening throughout the entire world. This is compared to a free bird, which is able to get a constant update of situation in a much larger area. As a result, a caged bird would be more ignorant than a free bird.

Another metaphor for Lenessia would be a ‘frog in a well‘. Similarly, the frog is only able to view a small circle of the sky only, and has no space to move around. However, this idiom is not as appropriate because the princess is a much respected and acknowledged figure to the People of the Land. The frog in a well gives the impression that the frog is in a very obscure place, and not seen by many people.

Other examples of Metaphors: “Henry was a lion on the battlefield”. This sentence suggests that Henry fought so valiantly and bravely that he embodied all the personality traits we attribute to the ferocious animal. This sentence implies immediately that Henry was courageous and fearless, much like the King of the Jungle.

Reference: http://literary-devices.com/content/metaphor


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