I was thinking of ‘screencap’, but I suppose ‘picture’ is not a wrong answer as well.

The original intent of Zyrogate Faine, was to highlight the moral values and life lessons depicted in anime. However, numerous of my recent posts included my own opinions and added elaboration from all sorts, such as songs, literature, quotes, news, etc… As a result, my blog has become cluttered with texts and deprived of images.

To fix this lack of scenery on Zyrogate Faine, I plan to hold a short side series over the next week, from 29th Nov to 6th Dec (+8 GMT). This series will simply be called Anime Screencap Marathon {ASM}. About 2 posts will be released per day, but other than the screencaps themselves, there will be no text at all, other than the title. Although there are no words apart from the subtitles, the screencaps will effectively convey messages too, for they can tell a thousand words.

Last but not least, you can be a participant of this marathon as well! My email is open for anyone to send in anime/manga screencaps! Just include your name/nickname and anime episode number or manga chapter number.

Email: zyrogatefaine@outlook.com


Student (Amanda): “LOL, leslie’s such a bad liar.”

Student (Brenda): “Ikr, he says this is to ‘fix the lack of scenery’, but he’s probably lazy to do posts and tired of writing so much stuff, when no one even appreciates his posts.”

Student (Gwyneth): “Sigh, I’m just sad that there will be no AHS for the next week.”

Well, if it cheers you up, AHS and DxM will still continue!!! I am currently working on AHS posts that will be released over the next few days 🙂 That means, there are 3 days that will be having 3 posts!!! ISN’T THAT WONDERFUL? 😀

Students: “Not really.”

I CRY T>T sigh I guess there is really no one who cares about my posts. EVEN SO, IM STILL GONNA CONTINUE ^^ the posts will be released at random timings so all you can do is to await the future~

steins gate 10 steins gate 11


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