Heyy, Leslie here ^^ After much deliberation, I decided that the current side series, Anime High School, is inadequate for Zyrogate Faine, and thus, I have come up with another one, which is called, Deux Ex Machina.

dxm 3

Why this name? Mainly because it fits into a 3-letter acronym :33

Throughout my anime journey, which is around 50 anime, I have come across several literary devices, especially imagery. Some compare human behaviour and characteristics, to that of animals and other organisms; some act as analogies to provide a clearer explanation to the viewers. However, there is also one device that is extremely prevalent in anime – Deus Ex Machina.

According to a website on literary devices, Deus Ex Machina refers to “the incidence where an implausible concept or character is brought into the story in order to make the conflict in the story resolve and to bring about a pleasing solution“.

Now, I believe that most, if not, all anime have thoroughly planned the entire storyline before producing episodes. However, in many instances, anime have certain plot twists that are simply just incomprehensible, and often justifying them through ‘the power of perseverance’. The best example would definitely be anime related to trading card games, such as the well-known series, Yu-Gi-Oh!. Each time when a duelist is in a tight situation, he/she draws a card that allows them to overcome the setback and attain victory. This phenomenon is called “Heart of the Cards“. I do not dislike this aspect of anime, and I believe that although it may be totally unrealistic, anime is a form of fantasy as well.

dxm 2

Anyways, going back to topic, I would like to alter this definition of DxM to fit my blog 🙂 Therefore, Zyrogate Faine‘s DxM refers to “the incidence where an impactful phrase or sentence is brought into the blog in order to make the conflict of the blog resolve and to bring about a perfect solution“, in which case, the conflict refers to the lack of posts :3 Even though it is named DXM, this series will only highlight literary devices found in anime, and pretty much, does not pertain to DXM at all XD Haha I’m sorry if you were expecting otherwise ><

To be honest, my goal of creating this series is to expose myself to more literary devices and analyse them. Although not confirmed, I would like to pursue “English Literature” for the next 2 years when I am in junior college, so this might help me a little haha.


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