So recently, I have decided to watch Soul Eater~ Throughout the anime, there are quite a number of references to the “Appearance VS Character” theme, but in this post, I’ll solely focus on appearance. I’ll write a post revolving one’s character in a future one.


Soul Eater Episode 1

soul eater 1

To the society, shapes and sizes apparently matter a whole lot.

I find it hilarious how people always tell others that they are not of the appropriate horizontal size. Be it directly or not, they say, “You are too fat/thin.” Of course, being on the extreme ends of the spectrum does indeed result in negative health aspects. But is it wrong to be a little fat or thin? If every block was the same shape in Tetris, you could indeed complete all the levels, but would the game be fun and interesting? If everyone conforms to what society perceives as a perfect size/shape, then wouldn’t such an ideal become but just an ordinary characteristic?

Similar to the Gini Coefficient, income inequality is essential to ensure a workforce of various skill levels to carry out appropriate roles and tasks, which are all important for the development of the economy. An income gap also serves as a motivation for the poor to work harder and earn more money, in order to ‘not lose out’ to others.

I can understand that one of the main causes for the false perception of beauty among many people nowadays is the proliferation of advertisements portraying an ideal body type. The widespread influence of mass media has resulted in many individuals’ desire, or even, need, to fit society’s ‘expectations’.

Lancôme advertisements for foundation makeup are prime examples of how the advertising media have distorted our perception of beauty. To showcase the effectiveness of products, advertising executives went an extra mile to “flourish” the appearance of the models through “airbrushing” and “photoshop”. In the film ‘The Princess Diaries’, the young lady is judged a nerd simply by virtue of bad hair and glasses. But once she is bestowed with a nice hairdo and her glasses come off, not only is she deemed substantially more attractive, but also more poised, popular and worthy of admiration.

However, I believe that this is mostly just an excuse, because if one is extremely rooted to one’s values, one will not be easily swayed and brainwashed. Believe in what you think is correct, not what society think is correct.

soul eater 2

After writing posts for almost a year (including my personal blog), I’ve realised that to me, the worst word, or the word with the most negative meaning, is not the ‘f-word’, the ‘b-word/s’, or any other rude epithets you can think of. Instead, it is the word “society“. Personally, I abhor this word. I hate how it represents the majority; how it connotes a false sense of inclusiveness and belonging when reality does not reflect that; how it merges every individual into one single entity that does not portray the uniqueness of each person. I hate how many people thinks that the society is always right, and that the mindset and actions of the society should always be followed. As a result, they do not think for themselves, and often act as a puppet of society: restricted by invisible strings and do not possess a soul of their own.

In the past, I did not have a clique and so, I used to be scared of being judged whenever I am surrounded by a sea of groups. But now, even though I still do not belong to one, I am not afraid of doing whatever the heck I want to. People can shoot invisible poison arrows at you as much as they want, but it is up to you whether to don on Diamante‘s steel cape, and render the attacks not very effective. All in all, the society does not take ‘u’ into account, and is often asocietyd with harmful generalisations and stereotypes. We should never compromise our happiness & health in order to conform to society’s standards, and should live our own lives instead.

P.S. If you got any of those puns or references in the last paragraph, comment below and tell me haha ^^ I also tried my best to provide analogies and examples for these points, so if you have any that you would like to share, please do! Thank you for reading as always :3


6 thoughts on “Fat or Thin, Ignore What People Think

  1. Hi Leslie! I’ve actually been planning to write a post on body image sometime soon, so the title of this post caught my eye. I really liked the overall message. The concept of appearance versus character is very intriguing and actually also sort of relates to another post I’ve been thinking about doing. (I guess this post is just really relevant to my blogging life right now haha.)

    I don’t know if I agree that society as a whole is a completely negative thing; I think it depends on what aspect of it you study. However, it sounds to me that the issue you have is with society as a socio-cultural normative, and I definitely do agree that the tendency for individuals to conform to what “society” deems proper is unfortunate. I know I’ve felt that internal pressure to just blend in to make social interactions easier before, and I really dislike that this pressure makes me feel as if I have to fight with not only “society” but also with myself in order to be myself, if that makes sense.

    In any case, nice post! 🙂

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    • omg SFLR i was rly coped up with sch ystd

      yay im glad that you’re planning to do a post on body image as well!

      sorry this post was quite long ago and since then, I realised that ‘society’ is not necessarily evil, just that people tend to conform to society expectations, which is undesirable. Yeah and you’re very right. its not only a conflict with society, but an internal struggle as well. You have to first accept yourself, before being able to be yourself, if that makes sense haha.

      thanks for sharing your insights!

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