Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 3

amagi 6

Fun Fact: YOU make up 0.000000014% of the world’s population

But in fact, YOU are not insignificant at all. Instead, YOU are entirely necessary and crucial in this world. YOU is kind, YOU is smart, YOU is important~ Without YOU, our population will not be as high as it currently is, because it is lacking YOU. Without YOU, plants and vegetation will have less carbon dioxide for photosynthesis because YOU are not here. Without YOU, I… I would have one less view on my blog… T>T

Every ‘1’ counts, every ‘1’ matters. Every ‘1’ is talented in one’s own way, and deserves the right to live. Every ‘1’ may only be an individual, but one’s actions will always have an impact on a group of people. Every ‘1’ is important and makes a huge difference, thus, they should not be looked down upon or devalued. Sometimes in life, we may not 1 to continue living, but just remember that the universe is made up of ‘u’ and ‘i’ ❤ Without YOU, I will be very sad, and the universe will cease to exist…

everyone is important 4 everyone is important 3 everyone is important 5

Thank YOU for living on this world with me ❤


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