Beneath the Tangles

The end is nigh!  While the Naruto franchise hasn’t quite concluded, the final chapter of the Naruto manga is out today, marking a significant endpoint for a beloved series.  I didn’t really get into anime and manga until I was a teenager, so I can’t imagine how some young people feel who have grown up on this franchise from their formative years.  It must certainly stir some strong emotions within them.

naruto uzumaki

Also, I’m a marginal fan of the series, having started late and jumping forth between the manga and anime to catch the story.  I forget about Naruto months at a time, and then catch up (as I did in preparation for this article!).  Every time I return to the series, I’m struck by how much Naruto has changed.  It really hits me that this character was once reviled in his own village, by most villagers  because of his connection…

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