Good morning, my students! Welcome to your first day at Anime High School 🙂

So, if you are an avid Pokémon fan, you would have found out that Pokémon magazines in Japan just released information on a new Pokémon, which will have its first appearance in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire! This special Pokémon is… *drumrolls please* EUMETA JAPONICA!

japan bagworm moth 1

Eumeta Japonica, aka the Japanese Bagworm Moth, is classified under the same family as butterflies and moths.

terra formars 3

However, the distinctive feature of the bagworm, is that the larva encapsulates itself in a small ‘bag’, made out of surrounding materials.

japan bagworm moth 2

For example, if the larva hatches in a forest environment, it will gather leaves and twigs to form its case; similarly in a beach, it will gather sand. Does this remind you of any actual Pokémon? 😉

japan bagworm moth 7

Student (Amanda): “I know! Is it Caterpie?!”

Me: “Well good try Amanda… but I’m afraid it wasn’t good enough. Yes, Brenda?”

Student (Brenda): “It’s Burmy!”

Me: “You got it correct! That’s un-burmy-vable!” *laughs at my own joke*

Lame puns aside, Burmy is one of the few Pokémon under the Bagworm family, alongside with its evolutions: Wormadam and Mothim. It is a Bug type Pokémon and has three different forms: Plant Cloak (green) when last battled in tall grass; Sandy Cloak (yellow) when last battled in a cave or at a beach; Trash Cloak (pink) when last battled in a building. The cloak protects the bagworm from the cold, and also acts as a camouflage to avoid predation.

japan bagworm moth 3

At level 20, the female Burmy will evolve into a Wormadam. Depending on what cloak Burmy was last wearing before evolution, it will evolve into a Wormadam with the same type of cloak. Similar to Burmy, Wormadam has the same three different forms, but each form vary in their elemental types. In its Plant Cloak, it is Bug/Grass; in its Sandy Cloak, it is Bug/Ground; in its Trash Cloak, it is Bug/Steel.

At level 20, the male Burmy will evolve into a Mothim. Unlike Wormadam, it only has one form, but possess large wings.

japan bagworm moth 4japan bagworm moth 5

Me: “Okay, that’s pretty much it. Does anyone have any questions?”

Student (Christie): “Why are there such stark differences between the two gender?”

In many species of bagworm moths, the adult female lack wings and simply look like a more developed form of the larva. On the other hand, the adult males of most species are strong fliers with well-developed wings and feathery antennae. However, adult males are only able to survive long enough to reproduce, due to undeveloped mouthparts, which result in an inability to eat food.

Student (Denzel): “Then for the case, what is used to hold the materials together?”

To construct the case, silk is spewed by the bagworms and is used to secure the materials together. Therefore, the silk has to be really strong to hold up the entire ‘bag’ and prevent it from falling off if on an elevated area. Although not much research can be found on the Internet, the anime Terra Formars suggests that the silk spewed by bagworms are much tougher than that by spiders, which is quite remarkable.

terra formars 16 terra formars 17


Oh, there goes the dismissal bell. So, that is all for today’s lesson, hope that you will treasure your Wormadam and Mothim more, instead of LEAVING THEM IN YOUR STORAGE SYSTEM TO ROT 😡 Thank you class for being so attentive today! 🙂


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