I’m sorry but the AHS here does not refer to American Horror Story haha xD

If you know my blog, it is pretty much all about moral values and life lessons anime impart to us. Hence, I have decided to introduce a new aspect of this blog: Anime High School!

school 2

In one of my previous posts, Do Anime Even Impart Knowledge?, I went through some things that anime teaches us. And so, after I realised that the list is pretty much non-exhaustive, I made a choice to start an official series, dedicated to sharing interesting knowledge found in anime 🙂

I’m really sorry if the title of the series sounded lame >< but I wanted a creative and short title that sounded abstract and nice haha. Of course, posts under this category will not be as frequent as my normal stuff, and may be quite irregular as well, so yeah.

This concludes the orientation for Anime High School, and I hope that you will enjoy this new journey with me 🙂

shigatsu 5


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