BEFORE I BEGIN: In this post, I will be describing my opinions towards the rejection of homosexuality by a significant amount of people due to their beliefs in Christianity. I am absolutely not criticising Christianity, but I am just stating my thoughts from a non-Christian point of view. Religion and homosexuality are two of the most sensitive issues in the world, and I really really really do not have any intention of offending anyone. Once again, this is MY opinion, and there is no such thing as a correct or wrong opinion. If I have unintentionally insulted you and/or your religion, I apologise.


Kiseijuu Episode 4

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That analogy from Kiseijuu is pretty extreme, but I would just like to utilise the concepts shown in these few scenes: ‘God’ and ‘sending a message’. For the ‘Parasytes’, they received a message, almost an order, to devour the human species. Thus, the Parasytes obeyed that order.

And no, I am not trying to say that those Christians who do not accept homosexuality are mindless human beings. But their reasons for their anti-gay behaviour, are usually something along the lines of “Because the Bible says this…”, so on and so forth. Now, I do not disagree that the Bible is one of the wisest sources of knowledge in the entire world, and there are many things that can be learnt from it. But this argument is flawed.

Firstly, the opposition’s argument is based on the assumption that their interpretation of the Bible is entirely accurate, which would allow them to safely say that the Bible condemns homosexuality. This issue has been tackled very well by Justin Lee here, from “Argument #4” onwards. In a nutshell, Lee states in his opinion, that many people might have misinterpreted what the Bible said at certain instances, where actually, homosexuality had just been used as an example to easily relate to the audience at that point in time. For more information, please refer to the website as it points out and elaborates further on this aspect.

But for now, let us assume that the Bible does indeed condemn homosexuality, and that the reason for your argument is entirely valid. So, in other words, the Bible sends a message that homosexuality is erroneous, and hence, all who believe in the Bible should believe in this mindset, and carry out the relevant action, which is to inhibit gay marriage and sex. Am I correct to say so? I don’t know about you, but my family often uses this analogy: “If XXX calls you to jump down the building, would you obey him/her and commit suicide?” Again, taking your own life is, of course, a very extreme course of action. However, isn’t restricting two people in love from getting married, an equally serious problem too?

Going back to topic, all I am suggesting is that, maybe we should take, the words from a book written over 3000 years ago, with a pinch of salt. The Bible gives a clear description of life in the past, but is it still an accurate portrayal of our current society? Mindsets were more rigid then, but now that our thinking has developed, and human beings have went through much more experiences, aren’t we able to be more flexible in our ideologies? Can’t everyone realise that gender is but just a social construct, and that behind that physical façade, we are all the same people, trying to find love, trying to experience love, trying to love?

All I want to say is that, do not do something because someone told you to do so. You have a brain, so think for yourself. God may be God, but we should all live for our own selves, live our own lives, instead of living a life someone else told you to live. In life, there are many preconceived notions of what is correct and wrong, such as gender stereotypes. These ‘directives’ compels us to do what is ‘expected’ of us, even if it is against our will. Pardon my language, but fuck these ‘rules and regulations’. You are you, not a girl that has to play with dolls and wear skirts, not a boy that has to play with toy cars and wear pants. LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE! #YOLOSELAMIM

Because in my opinion, not living your own life, is the greatest sin of all.


6 thoughts on “Christianity & Homosexuality

    • Well, I do not know much, but I would think that traditional mindsets are harder to change because they are more deeply-rooted in our society and beliefs. I guess it just takes time to accept new changes.

      And thank you for the quote! I found it very interesting, and I feel that everyone is equal, so no one has the right to judge others. Furthermore, in general, everyone commits sins too, so I think that we should always judge ourselves first, before we judge others 🙂

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      • oh, there is one very thing I do have to bring up.
        I think it’s wrong to force churches to conduct the ceremonies (to them it’s like asking: “could conduct a satanic ritual for me.”).
        ^-o Jesus told everyone to love and respect everyone but, he would not allow anyone to disrespect his farther house.

        Many people these days don’t get married in churches.

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  1. I think there are also people who don’t realize that the Bible isn’t to be taken too literally. I’m not saying that everything written in this Holy Book is not true. The Bible has a lot of parables that should be studied and learned (with the help of the Holy Spirit), so that the values in each of the stories will be seen.

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    • I totally agree with you! For any kind of text, we should always fully understand what it is trying to say first, instead of jumping the gun and coming up with our own conclusions. Even if a statement is true, we should also try to find out why is it true, and whether this information is still applicable to our society today.

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