In life, we are often subjected to mistreatment by others. For their own desires, some people may cause you to experience physical or even, emotional suffering. One prominent example in our society today would be, bullying. Be it physical harm, or cyber-hate, these negative actions towards us will result in our sadness and anger. If we cannot learn to ignore them, it may result in us developing a sense of hatred towards the bullies, and commit harmful actions as well.


Drop the Past
by Leslie

Why do you ache your heart, fall apart?
When you can bury the hatchet and have a fresh start?
Why do you languish, lour, loathe anything?
When you can live, laugh, love everything?

It’s no use crying over spilt blood.
There’s no point diluting that scarlet flood.
It’s only when you can let it go,
Will joy then flow and fill you whole.


I believe that we should all stand up for ourselves against bullies. But I do not feel that hurting them back is the right course of action. Because if we harm them, won’t we become the bully instead?

Thus, the best way is to first consult one’s family, friends and teachers. If that does not work, tell the bully to stop, in a calm and clear voice. If speaking up is too difficult or unsafe, walk away and stay away from the bully. One method that I encourage is to find an online anti-bullying forum group. This way, you can discuss with other victims on ways to stop bullying, or just simply read up on others’ advice and support.


Just remember that whatever happens, there is always a way out.

Just remember that whatever happens, there are people that support you no matter where they are ❤


4 thoughts on “It’s No Use Crying Over Spilt Blood

    • I believe that no matter whoever you are, you’ll always belong to a community. UN has officially stated that “Family is the basic unit of society.”

      Even if one does not have family and friends, one may still have relationships with people online. Let’s say you have a Tumblr account and often reblog/like others posts. Thus, you belong to a small community in Tumblr, where without you, people might not get to see those posts had you not posted/reblogged them. We always belong to groups and communities, it is just that many fail to recognise that we are actually not alone 🙂

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