For non-otakus, it is typically thought that anime are merely fantasy-oriented shows that do not have much relevance to reality. For anime viewers, we also tend to get too absorbed into the plot, and miss out on the educational aspect of anime.

Anime has definitely imparted moral values to me. But has it taught me anything else, other than just life lessons?


  • [One Piece] Clima-Tact (Mirage Tempo): Nami uses the “Cool Ball” in a dry and hot environment to change the air density and create a mirage of herself. The extreme difference in temperature causes major light refraction, allowing Nami to disappear and create an illusionary copy of herself. To be totally honest, this was one of my favourite fights in One Piece, entirely because physics was used to defeat a much stronger enemy, and intelligence triumphed strength in the end. one piece 34
  • [Terra Formars] The DNA of various animals, mainly insects, have been incorporated into humans, giving them the abilities of the organism itself. For example, Marcos gained the powers of the Huntsman Spider, attaining great strength, ferocity and incredible speed. Likewise, many animals and their characteristics have been portrayed and described in the manga. terra formars 2

Sports and the Arts

    • [Kuroko no Basuke] + [Haikyuu!!]: Inform viewers on rules and regulations of sports, like Basketball and Volleyball, and display certain strategies and tactics commonly-seen in real-life competitions.knb 8
    • [Hanayamata]: Informs viewers on a Japanese cultural activity, called Yosakoi dancing, and showcases Yosakoi performances.hanayamata 30

General Knowledge

  • [Zankyou no Terror]: Made references to several historical events, one being the 1960 protests against the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan. Also, the anime includes Greek Mythology, informing viewers on certain aspects of the story of Oedipus.zankyou no terror 5
  • [Amagi Brilliant Park]: Informs viewers on Fermi Questions, which is basically the estimation of physical quantities to arrive at a rough answer. An example would be: Determine the length of an average red ant divided by the radius of a helium atom. For Fermi Questions, the exact physical quantities are usually unknown, and so people often work with just estimated values and logic. To try out some Fermi Questions, click the link here. amagi 8 amagi 9 amagi 10

Of course, the list is non-exhaustive. These are but just a few examples found in the wide world of anime. All I want to prove is that even though certain anime may be all about action or fan-service or what not, there are still instances of education and knowledge. Regardless of the anime, there is always something that can be taken away from it 🙂


7 thoughts on “Do Anime Even Impart Knowledge?

  1. I like Kuroko no Basket, especially the characters (Kuroko!), but its basketball aspect just didn’t sit well with me. Sure, the tactics are realistic, but the individual skills? Most of the skills were too exaggerated. I know I shouldn’t be making a fuss over it because it’s a shounen anime (as anything over-the-top and unnatural can happen), but it’s not what we see “in real-life competitions”. That bothered me because I play basketball (or played it, to be precise, during high school). Nonetheless, those skills are the good parts of the characterizations in KnB.

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    • Haha yep I agree that some of the skills are too extreme, like Midorima’s accuracy at shooting 3-pointers. It may be very difficult, but I believe that with passion and hard work, one could reach to the standard of the Knb characters, except probably Kuroko’s misdirection and Kise’s copycat.

      In my post, I wrote, “certain strategies and tactics commonly seen in real-life competitions.” Haha so I didn’t really mean the individual skills of GoM because they are indeed a little impossible for real-life people. Moreover, I was referring to like the attack/defend formations, the ability to adapt immediately in certain scenarios (Aomine), quick break, etc.


    • Haha omg at first I thought Kanie was lying, so I checked it up and realised it was true. And after some time, I found myself deep in thought, trying to solve some examples of Fermi Questions.

      This was definitely one of the biggest takeaways I had from Amagi Brilliant Park and I really appreciate it for that 🙂

      Thanks for viewing btw :3


  2. 1000% agree, I have learnt a lot from anime! although mostly phrases that i can use, I have learnt about other things including maths (some how….) also how to be a little bit more kind <—- life lessions for life in anime. haha

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    • YES omg i totally agree!! After watching anime for abt more than a year, I’ve learnt to say many japanese phrases (though i cant speak a complete sentence haha >< )

      Oh and yeahh I actually found out abt a really cool math magic trick? from HunterXHunter haha and of course, anime has completely influenced my values and actions, in a good way :3

      thanks for following my blog too! I dont have much time to post in recent months, but I'm still trying to keep this blog alive ^^


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