New Desktop Background :3

So I have always wanted to do a second anime compilation for all the anime that I have recently watched two to three months ago. This was relatively easier to do, as compared to the first one. Also, the size of the picture is not related to how much I enjoyed it x3 Personally, I realised that Summer 2014 anime were full of couples, be it official or shipped. But to be honest, I extremely prefer the previous background to this one, so I’ll probably won’t change it XD

anime compilation 4

((All pictures belong to their respective authors. I have no intention of making any monetary profit from utilising these pictures. Credits to them for spending time and effort in producing such amazing fan-art.))

wizard barristers –
black bullet –
soul eater not! –
free (eternal summer) –
glasslip –
hanayamata –
love stage! –
zankyou no terror –
tokyo ghoul –
gksn –

I have been watching many Fall anime and will begin posting about them soon x)


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