Fairy Tail S2 Episode 28

In life, we are often members of a certain community, or belong to a particular organisation. As a representation of this fact, we usually wear badges or pins that display this membership. For me, the Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) in my school requires us to attach pins on our school uniform. However, many students dismiss this poorly-reinforced rule and thus, people are rarely seen with their own CCA badges.


These badges are typically thought of as ‘decorative symbols’, solely for display. But in fact, these ornaments carry more weight than what people think it does.

Purpose of the badge:
• Identification (makes you stand out in a forest of normal uniforms)
• Sense of identity and belonging
• Pride towards CCA/club
• Important relic of the past to represent one of your major experience in life

I think that if we enjoy the activities in our CCAs, we should be beaming with pride while wearing these badges. This may not be entirely true, but in a way, it shows your appreciation for the effort put in to planning these activities and that you cherish your experiences in the club.

As physically tiny as the badges appear to be, the significance they carry is huge.


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