One Piece Episode 659 & 660

In the past, this was the common definition of the word ‘beast’.

beast 1

But now, a new aspect of the word has become widespread.

beast 2

Why did this occur? This is because, at many instances, humans turn into these so-called ‘beasts’. As compared to humans, most animals are unintelligent and have only two main goals in life: survival and reproduction. Thus, to survive, animals would prey on weaker organisms. This form of lifestyle is extremely self-oriented, as they only care about their needs and do not empathise with their prey. Wait a minute, doesn’t this seem familiar? Killing others for own survival? Concerned solely on individual needs and disregarding others?


In the past, the words ‘human’ and ‘beast’ were antonyms. Humans were humans, and beasts were non-human animals.

one piece 12 one piece 13 one piece 14

But now, they are no longer mutually exclusive terms. A human can be a human and a beast simultaneously.

In Romeo and Juliet, when the civil conflict broke out, the Prince exclaims: “You men, you beasts, that quench the fire of your pernicious rage with purple fountains issuing from your veins…” The citizens were not rational, and did not think twice on the undesirable outcomes that could occur from fighting. This urge to fight without any logical reason makes them fitting of the term ‘beasts’. They are just doing what they want to do, without pondering about the possible deaths and injuries of others.

Also, there is a recent pop song called, Animals by Maroon 5. Looking at the lyrics from a non-sexual point of view, the entire song is a simile, by comparing humans to animals. One part also mentions: “You can’t deny the beast inside.” I fully agree to this statement. No one is perfect. No one will not develop morally incorrect thoughts and mindsets. It is just how much of this ‘unpleasant’ side are we showing to others. Therefore, as much as I hate to say this, but in my opinion, all humans are beasts with a guise.

Maroon 5 – Animals (Lyric Video):


Bon Clay, aka Mr.2, once said this:

one piece 33

So, it may be true that all humans are just concealing the beast inside them. But is that wrong? Not at all! In fact, I believe that the more you hide this beast inside, the better you are as a person. Everyone has a tendency to commit actions that will benefit our individual life, but if you restrain this desire, if you stop this beast inside, then you will ultimately become a more humane person.

In life, there are many instances whereby the beast manifests in humans. Cheating in tests, bullying, etc. People do these because they feel that these actions improves their well-being. In another perspective, they are allowing the beast to take over their soul. At this point in time, they are no longer human.

As what Mr.2 has mentioned, do not stray from being a Human. We may all be humans with a beast inside, but once we give in to the beast, our human conscience will slowly diminish into nothing. Be in control of yourself and do not fall to the same irrationality as that of a beast.


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