One Piece Episode 659 & 660

What is the best kind of life?
A) A life brimming with riches.
B) A life with immense fame.
C) A life full of pleasure.
D) None of the above.

The answer is D, because the ideal life has no specific definition – it depends on the individual.

But one thing’s for sure, many of us would like a safe and secure environment to live in. Some people may want to be the world’s richest person, some may desire to be the most popular person on Earth, but no one will want to live in fear everyday. Imagine how unpleasant a life would be if you were to live in a danger-prone society. You would have to be constantly wary of your surroundings, and treading as carefully as possible, wherever you go.

In all honesty, there are just so many negative aspects of living in Singapore. But why do people still live here? And why is the standard of living in Singapore, one of the highest in the world? It is all because of our relatively low crime rate. According to the US-based World Justice Project (WJP) Rule of Law Index 2014, Singapore was ranked the 2nd safest country in the world, 1st being Japan.

one piece 4 one piece 5

In any case, conflicts should always be avoided, because the losses will always exceed the benefits. Take the recent Israel-Gaza War for example. What did both sides gain in the end? Nothing. What did both sides lose in the end? Over 2,000 lives. We could also take a look at a less extreme example – the Hong Kong protests that are currently ongoing. There have been more than 100 wounded people so far. Thus, such conflicts are definitely not desirable.

People can be poor, but still remain happy. People can be discriminated, but still remain happy. It is a form of optimism. But do you think people in peril, can continue to be cheerful? Do you think people can retain that smile on their face, when they are living in terror? Therefore, in my opinion, nothing is more important than safety.

I believe that everyone can agree that, one major aspect of happiness is to do what you love to do the most. But without a secure environment, will one be able to carry out one’s hobbies? Hence, safety is the key to happiness. Without a sense of safety, no one will be happy. And that is why, my friends, Singaporeans should be proud and grateful for this lovely place that we have been born in.


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