When I first knew about Hanayamata, I had the typical impression that it would be excessively feminine and would contain frequent fanservice. Oh, how absolutely erroneous was that mindset. Hanayamata is literally one of my most favourite anime all time and I can truly say, it is the epitome of magical beauty.

The entire anime had perfect animation, but I shall only focus on the final episode, which one could identify it as the Mount Everest of fascination. The Yosakoi Club was about to perform for their performance. Recently, Hana had to leave Japan and return to America with her mom. Thus, the originally 5-member group had one of its component wrenched out of their system, which resulted in the rest of them experiencing a difficult time when trying to rehearse properly. Little did they expect, Hana called at the eleventh hour, and telling them that she is in Japan and will try her best to join them. But due to time constraints, the Yosakoi team started performing first.


And halfway into the performance, Hana finally reaches the place, and does a spectacular jump onto the stage, joining her friends in the performance. Finally, the team is complete and with all 5 of them dancing together, the performance suddenly became even more beautiful, even more complete.


The opening theme song, also the song that they painstakingly put together for their performance, just blends so nicely with the joyous performance.
Link to OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQiLX_RNgsk

As the performance is reaching its end, my eyes welled up with tears, as Naru looks back on her journey of Yosakoi.


At the end, the anime closes the curtains on a sweet note, with Hana determined to stay with the rest of them. I can only imagine the 5 of them, continuing to dance yosakoi, continuing to have fun with one another, continuing to create much more lovely memories…


Overall, this anime has been a fascinating experience throughout. It is really heartening to see people of different backgrounds and characters, being connected by a similar interest, through which, they develop strong covalent bonds with one another.

((And looking back, if I can remember accurately, Hanyamata had only one brief scene with them being in a sauna. Just let this fact sink in for a moment. An anime that is extremely female-oriented, has significantly less fan-service than countless of anime that include “Action” as one of their genres. And another thing. The producers could actually gain higher profits, due to a larger audience, if they were to have included more fan-service. BUT THEY DID NOT! How miraculous is it to find an anime that prioritises quality of content, over profits?))

Anyways, HAnaNAruYAyaMAchiTAmi is one of the most enchanting anime that I have ever watched and it is definitely one of my all-time favourites. And now, it’s time to let the ending theme song play once more~
Link to ED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CdKItk-OCM


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