Hanayamata Episode 12

Your parents may have high expectations of you. Your teachers may have high regards for you. Your friends may have high confidence in your academic abilities.

But the effort you put in, should not be for them. You may make them happy and proud of you, but will you be happy and proud of yourself?

We should all work hard, but we should also know why we are working hard for. It is a fact that grades do not define oneself. If your ambition is totally unrelated to the things you learn now, at least they may serve as a backup plan; they are the basic knowledge for certain jobs.

So think of studying as a prerequisite to achieving your dream, and not something mandatory of your society.

Work hard, not for others to be happy, but for yourself to feel a sense of joy.

Work hard, not for others to be proud, but for yourself to be proud of yourself.



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