Fairy Tail S2 Episode 25

In the end, Ultear had sacrificed almost her entire lifespan for that one insignificantly significant minute.

No doubt, there is this pang of sadness that we feel for her. Ultear may have had committed many sins in the past, but she had already moved on and join Crime Sorciere to atone for her sins. We feel that injustice is being done to her and it is not fair for her to have such an end.

fairy tail 46IMG_1823.JPGfairy tail 48fairy tail 49IMG_1824.JPG

But if we were to realise, the time-reversal spell she casted, could have taken her entire life too. Thus, we should be thankful that she is still alive. It is also very heartening to see her finally letting go of her past. Up till the fight with the dragons, she could not forgive herself for her indifferent attitude when attempting to murder the present Rogue. However, now, she has broke free of the fetters of her past sins, and has learnt how to forgive herself. Just like the feeling when the sun shines through a window upon your skin, there is this sense of warmth that radiates through your entire body.

Even though Ultear is now physically impossible to continue being in Crime Sorciere and help in defeating Zeref, her hope, her passion and her spirit lies with everyone else, especially Jellal and Meredy.

fairy tail 62fairy tail 63


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