In my opinion, Haikyuu!! deserves the <Best Character Development Award> out of all the anime that I have watched this year.

Every single episode, at least one character grows mentally. Kageyama has been shown to have grown the most, but a lot of other characters have changed for the better over the course of the anime. To list a few, Asahi got over his fear of spiking, Tsukishima is training to serve, and Hinata has learned to be more versatile when spiking. ((I have posted about these examples previously, select the Category #Haikyuu!! to see them :3 ))

And, I would also like to point out that Haikyuu!! did not only shine the light on Karasuno, but also managed to highlight the more important characters in other teams, like Oikawa in Seijoh, and Kenma in Nekoma, though not so much for the latter.

Lastly, if you notice, the anime does not directly say out the growth of the characters. Imagery is always used to indirectly portray the changes. This is a really creative method. Some examples would be when Kageyama evolved from being a King to a fellow teammate, the time when Karasuno was fighting against Dateko High and they broke through the wall, etc…


haikyuu 167
haikyuu 168

Of course, this is just my opinion, so feel free to share what you think :3


One thought on “Best Character Development Award

  1. Yep, it’s Kageyama with the best, or shall we say most apparent, character development in the series. At the very beginning, we knew of his conflict (vs self and vs others’ mistrust in him). So we already had a clue that he is going to go to the direction to resolve these conflicts and get better.
    To illustrate, he was a one-man team player thinking highly of himself and his abilities to the point that he always scolded Hinata, who he deemed inferior, for not being good at the sport at all. (Though, of course, Hinata’s character development revolved around the level up in skills, team play and coordination, and sportsmanship in general) In the process of being lectured by captain and learning his limitations, he begun acknowledging himself and the other members as well (most obviously, Hinata). This allowed him to be more cooperative and innovative in his plays such that it would be for the benefit of the team, and not just for satisfying the best options/courses of action he could think of during games. The result is that Kageyama now isn’t the naughty kid he was. 😀

    And regarding the indirect message for this character development: “Show, not tell” That kind of works really well with anime, which is a highly visual medium, and the fact that Haikyuu!! is one of those anime that manipulated that principle makes me respect the series and the production staff even more.

    P.S. I’m still at episode 20, but my opinion isn’t likely to change when I finish watching it.


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