Heyy! :3 Leslie here 😀 This is just an update for my posts in the next 3 weeks and so. My End-Of-Year exams are in 2 weeks time, so I kind of need to study haha. Basically, I’ll be watching much lesser anime. If you get what I mean, I’ll be posting less frequently. I AM SO SORRY IF THIS MAKES YOU SAD >< I’ll try my best but I would still prefer to do quality posts instead of just posting screenshots, because that would be so plain. I’ll catch up after my exams finish :3 and btw, if it makes you happy, I already have 5 posts lined up for the next 5 days haha so no worries

Here’s a picture of Hinata that I really like, to cheer you up 🙂 though he doesn’t look very cheerful BUT HE LOOKS CUTE TO ME 😀 ((haikyuu!! episode 24))


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