Fairy Tail S2 Episode 24

Having done something wrong, you must be punished.

This statement is the definition of non-consequentialism – when punishment will be issued whatever the case, as long as the person has committed a wrongdoing.

fairy tail 34

On the other hand, consequentialism is when the consequences of the act are being considered into the overall judgement. In essence, if the consequences of the action are deemed as beneficial, the punishment meted out can be wavered to a lighter sentence.

When under a non-consequentialism rule, people tend to feel indignant. Thus, they will raise out their concerns, in order to defend what they think is right.

fairy tail 35 fairy tail 36 fairy tail 37 fairy tail 38 fairy tail 39

In the end, consequentialism is a fairer method of judgement than its enemy.

fairy tail 44 fairy tail 45

And at the end of the day, people will not be afraid to do what is ‘wrong’, in order to benefit a certain group of people, lest their actions incur punishment. For example, a person will not be scared to murder a serial killer, because even though murder is a sin, his/her actions will be justified through consequentialism.

Consequentialism FTW-kabo!


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