One Minute

Fairy Tail S2 Episode 22

Ultear decided to sacrifice her life in order to rewind time back to when Eclipse had not been opened, such that the current situation can be prevented. However, despite her efforts, time had only gone back one minute. But that one minute was the most precious, most valuable, most useful minute.

In the end, little did Ultear realise, she actually helped save Gray, Lucy, Makarov, Jet & Droy, Bacchus, and probably a lot more people that weren’t shown on screen. And because Lucy managed to deliver the notebook of Future’s Lucy to the Princess, there is now a solution to end everything. Ultear thought that one minute was so insignificant; so useless, but in fact, it changed everything.

Similarly, our actions may be very small sometimes and may or may not affect many people. But, we never know unless we try, and this minor action of yours could even motivate someone or brighten up their day.

Every little thing makes a difference.

fairy tail 20 fairy tail 21 fairy tail 22 fairy tail 23 fairy tail 24 fairy tail 25 fairy tail 26 fairy tail 27 fairy tail 28

However, in contrary to what Ultear thinks,

fairy tail 29


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