Ironic Mothers

Although Hamatora and Tokyo ESP have different plots, they revolve around the presence of two groups of people with different abilities in society. And coincidentally, both have situational irony in them.

For Hamatora, the mother absolutely hates Minimum Holders because she loves her son a lot and feels that the presence of Minimum Holders is causing an unfair disadvantage of him and the other ‘normal’ people. HOWEVER, her son has actually become a Minimum Holder himself.

For Tokyo ESP, the mother is fearful of espers because of the evil intentions and damage caused by a small group of espers. Although not all espers are bad, just because of a few black sheep, causes a hasty generalisation among all espers. But little does she know that her son is an esper himself. This anime is still in progress so there are still many details left to be known.


Hamatora The Animation (Episode 10)

hamatora 2 hamatora 3


Tokyo ESP (Episode 7)

tokyo esp 9 tokyo esp 10 tokyo esp 11


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